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SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities

Sustainable Development Goal

Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Policy and sustainability plan

Circular economy


Smartness in networks and services

People innovation


District Heating

To help reduce the environmental impact of the cities, paying close attention to air quality, implementing district heating and district cooling

KPI 2017 2018 2023 plan objective
Volumes served by district heating and district cooling (Mm3) 108 110 118
NOx avoided thanks to the extension of district heating (t/year) -138 -139 -260

Efficiency in end use

Develop energy efficiency measures for public and private real estate assets

KPI 2017 2018 2023 plan objective
CO2 avoided thanks to the installation of new boilers for end customers (Caldaia2a + Caldaiapiù offer) - cumulative value (t) 31 49 360
CO2 avoided thanks to measures to promote energy efficiency in end use: offer LED kit - cumulative value (t) 5,185 11,778 45,000
CO2 avoided thanks to measures to promote energy efficiency in end use: industrial ESCO activities - cumulative value (t) 696,963 1,844,329 6,500,000
Number of projects to convert boilers (condominiums/tertiaries) - cumulative value - 35 580

Smart networks

To develop solutions to offer a better information access infrastructure (Smart Grid) and improve the networkresilience

KPI 2017 2018 Obiettivo piano 2023
Adequate users with smart gas meters (G4-G6) - Unareti perimeter 46% 66% 98%
Number of new generation water meters installed - cumulative value - 27,000 170,000
Operators of Networks & Heating BU equipped with digital tools for mobile work (WFM) - % of total target population - 51.5% 100% (al 2020)

Smart cities

To support the development of the smart city in the territory in which the Group operates, including through new business models that exploit the technological component (Smart Grids and big data)

KPI 2017 2018 2023 plan objective
Smart City services activated - cumulative value - 7 200
Municipalities with Smart City services activated - cumulative value - 2 40
Number of parking spaces installed in smart parking - cumulative value - 711 3,000
Number of businesses served with new smart land services - cumulative value 1 2 12
Number of smart environmental bins 300 6,663 18,000
Number of intelligent sensors installed for water service - cumulative value - 27 130
Number of new LED light points installed on IP 213,817 225,590 312.000
Number of electric vehicle charging stations installed - cumulative value 130 168 1.500
Number of vehicles (collection and sweeping) monitored by GPS on total (%) - 81% 100% (al 2020)
Installed LED traffic lights - cumulative value 12,069 12,069 22,000 (al 2020)


To develop integrated reporting and an adequate information system for planning and control

KPI 2017 2018 2023 plan objective
Territories with Territorial Sustainability Reports prepared - number 6 7 8 (al 2020)

Stakeholder engagement

To develop external stakeholder engagement activities, strengthening the relationship with the territory and constructing permanent methods for multi-stakeholder involvement

KPI 2017 2018 2023 plan objective
Number of structured engagement workshops carried out - cumulative value 5 6 12
Number of actions ensuing from structured engagement workshops - cumulative value 16 18 25

2018 Performance


GW of electric capacity installed



MWt of installed thermal energy capacity in the waste-to-energy plants



MWe of installed electricity capacity in the waste-to-energy plants



MW installed photovoltaic capacity purchase of new systems (+65 GWh of annual production)


km of water supply replaced

Elecricity generated by type of source (2018)

* For non-hazardous waste, a renewable fraction of 51% was assumed (ref. Decree of the Ministry of Economic Development of December 18, 2008). As a result, the non-renewable fraction considered was 49%.


  • Numerous activities for the monitoring and safety of dams
  • Completed the activities of flexibility of the CCGT of Sermide and Ponti sul Mincio and started the process for the CCGT of Cassano
  • 77% of Milan's electricity distribution network joints replaced to improve resilience
  • IA system for the efficiency of gas preheating activities has been implemented in order to reduce gas consumption. – –The first 30 km of the sewerage system for connection to the new Valtrompia purifier have been built
  • A2A was awarded the tender for the gas distribution of te Municipality of Milan, investments in energy efficiency and modernization of networks
  • Work on the new Nuvolera purification plant has been completed and will come into operation in 2019
  • The design phase for the thermal storage tanks for district heating in Brescia has been completed.

2018 Performance


CO2 emissions - Scope 1 - compared to 2017 (amounted to approximately 7,5 million tonnes)


the Group emission factor (equal to 380 g/kWh) compared to 2017


million tonnes of CO2 avoided thanks to the technologies used to produce energy


Group plants are subject to the Emissions Trading Scheme

Avoided emissions of CO2 and energy savings in energy processes


  • The exit route from the use of coal in the city of Brescia has been started, thanks to numerous interventations, which will make it possible to start the first coal-free thermas season in 2022
  • 2 million tonnes of CO2 avoided thanks to the ESCO activities of Group companies
  • A2A district heating system permitted to avoid more than 210 thousand tonnes of CO2 in 2018, thanks to the elimination of individual private boilers

2018 Performance


milion electricity customers


milion gas customer


aqueduct users


district heating users

Natural gas emergency service (2018)


  • Training course for conciliators of the Integrated Water Service and District Heating
  • Monitoring of emergency response and ARERA standards of distribution networks
  • App Inforeti to receive information about Unareti sites
  • A2A Energia best performer indagine qualità call center ARERA

2018 Performance


electricity and gas consumers monitored


smart lamppost poles


sets of environmental sensors are installed


smart squares were built in the suburbs of the city of Bergamo


municipalities in the province of Brescia supported by A2A for the development of smart city services

Sustainable innovation


  • An experiment to develop predictive analyses on the spatial and temporal occurence of gas leaks was launched in the Municipality of Concesio
  • Launch of the internal program Innova2a to collect stimuli and ideas from the outside and from the internal dialogue between the different funtions and BU. 7 project have successfully passed the test phase
  • An advanced remote control plan and automation of the secondary substations
  • Digitalization of the internal processes: digital management of the warehouses of the generation plants, smart accesses, digital expenses claim

2018 Performance


million euro to the community in sponsorships, donations and contributions to theatres and foundations


thousand euro of sponsorships of sports, social, environmental and cultural activities in favour of the territory


initiatives involving stakeholders were carried out

Issues considered in stakeholder engagement activities


  • Renewed some agreements with universities for research and innovation activities related to the technical and environmental improvement of the Group's activities and business
  • Organized "Regulatory Breakfast"to analyze the emerging regulatory issues
  • A relationship activities and involvement of the main Consumer and Environmental Associations
  • Selected the two projects that won the call "CreiAMO FVG", which received an economic contribution and a path of ligh incubation

Material issues

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