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SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities

Sustainable Development Goal

Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Policy and sustainability plan

Circular economy


Smart Solution

People innovation



To help reduce the environmental impact of the cities, paying close attention to air quality, implementing district heating and district cooling

KPI 2018 2019 2024 plan objective
Volumes served by district heating and district cooling (Mm3) 110.2 112.2 125
NOx avoided thanks to the extension of district heating  (tonnes/ year) 139 194 265


To develop sustainable mobility solutions (low-emission waste collection vehicles and vehicle fleet, replacement of obsolete vehicles with new ones)

KPI 2018 2019 2024 plan objective
Number of low environmental impact waste collection vehicles (Euro 6 vehicles, methane gas, electric) - cumulative value  (% of total waste collection vehicles) 38% 54% 72%

Percentage replacement of Networks and District Heating BU vehicles with low environmental impact (methane gas and electric powered) - cumulative value    (% of total vehicles of the Networks and District Heating BU)

Revised 41% 61%


Maintain high quality standards of the services supplied by keeping high customer satisfaction levels

KPI 2018 2019 2024 plan objective
CSI Total (Cerved) - Customer Satisfaction Index

Domestic gas 93.3
(national average
Domestic electricity
(national average

The data of 2019 is not yet available > national average
and never < 90%
CSI Call Center A2A Energia (first half of the year) -Customer Satisfaction Index 98.1 (national average 92.3) the data of 2019 is not yet available > sector national


Develop innovative channels and services (web, mobile, gamification) to increase customer loyalty

KPI 2018 2019

2024 plan objective

Customers registered with the online service (no.) 391,.626 425,985 700,000
Active supplies bollett@mail (no.) 433,333 536,143 900,000
E-mail bills related to the Integrated Water Cycle (% of total) New 7% 20%
Interventions on Group sites for evolved interactivity - cumulative value (no.) 6 11 16


Develop energy efficiency interventions on the public and private real estate assets

KPI 2018 2019 Obiettivo piano 2024
CO2 avoided thanks to measures to promote energy efficiency in end use: offer LED kit - cumulative value (no.) 2,802 4,051 9,200
CO2 avoided thanks to measures to promote energy efficiency in end use: industrial ESCo activities - cumulative value (no.) 1,844,329 2,302,124 5,700,000
CO2 avoided from boiler conversion projects and PV installations (condominium/tertiary) - cumulative value (no.) new 906 35,000

Smart city

Support the development of the smart city in the territory in which the Group operates, including through new business models that exploit the technological component (smart grids and big data)


KPI 2018 2019 Obiettivo piano 2024
Smart City services activated - cumulative value (no.) 7 40 250
Municipalities with Smart City services activated - cumulative value (no.) 2 24 50
Parking spaces installed in smart parking - cumulative value (no.) 711 2,580 4,000
Businesses served with new smart land services - cumulative value (no.) 2 10 20
Smart environmental bins - cumulative value (no.) 6,663 12,880 18,000
New LED lighting points installed (totals provided for in the agreements signed with the municipalities) (no.) 232,368 275,950 417,000
Installed LED traffic lights (no.) 12,069 14,618 23,000
Vehicles monitored by GPS (% of total) 81% 97% 100%


Develop integrated reporting and an adequate information system for planning and control. Develop external stakeholder engagement activities, strengthening the relationship with the territory

KPI 2018 2019 2024 plan objective
Territories with Territorial Sustainability Reports prepared (no.) 7 8 8 (al 2020)

Performance 2019


GW electricity generation capacity installed


GW thermal production capacity


km district heating network

Net electricity produced divided up according to plant type and source

Net thermal energy produced divide up according to plant type and source


  • Numerous initiatives for the presidium and the safety of dams
  • Installation of synchronous compensators to guarantee the continuity regulation service of the National Transmission Grid
  • Definition of agreement with Talesun Group to develop: will be replaced 100 km per year of medium voltage grid and 20 km per year of low voltage grid (duration of the plan: 10 years)
  • Definition of agreement with Talesun Group to develop new photovoltaic project for a total capacity of 1 GW
  • Realization of the first storage tank at the Lamarmora power plant in Brescia

Performance 2019

- 7.2%

CO2 - Scope 1 (equal to 6.9 million tonnes) compared to 2018


- 9%

the emission factor of the Group (equal to 347 gCO2/kWh) compared to 2018



SO2 emissions compared to 2018





NOx emissions compared to 2018


million tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided (+25% compared to 2018), thanks to the technologies used to produce energy


GWh of green energy sold

Avoided emissions of CO2 and energy savings in energy processes


  • Alignment of greenhouse gas emission reduction targets with the Paris Agreement Cop 21: -46% of our direct greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1) per kWh produced by 2030, compared to 2017
  • Started the decarbonization process for the Brescia’s environmental energy system
  • Realization by the ESCo Group companies of interventions on the plants, which will positively affect the reduction of CO2 emissions (e.g. installation of photovoltaic panels)
  • The district heating service promoted by the Group allowed to avoid, in 2019, 213,000 tonnes of CO2
  • A2A is also committed to zero Scope 2 emissions by 2024  
  • Agreement with Talesun Group to develop new photovoltaic project for a total capacity of 1 GW

Performance 2019


charging columns installed


recharges delivered by e-moving columns


million zero-emission routes thanks to e-moving


milioni di euro previsti in arco piano per la mobilità sostenibile

E-moving number charges Electricity supplied


  • A second e-hub was inaugurated for recharging the electric vehicles of the Unareti Grouo company fleet: 12 column 3 wallboxes for a total of 30 recharging points
  • In the Brescia area, where 19 charging stations were already present, 4 new columns has been installed
  • New columns has been installed in Monfalcone, Rovato, Bergamo, Brescia and Cremona
  • Inside 6 main car parks in Brescia ares, a special area has been activated for electric recharging with wallbox, a recharging infrastructure wich allows the simultaneous recharging of two electric vehicles
  • Corporate car sharing now includes all Group’s sites

Performance 2019


requests to adhere to the social water bonus or water bonus



million citizens served for municipal sanitation services



adhesions to the Bollett@mail service (+ 24% compared to 2018)



adhesions to the new A2A Ciclo Idrico Bollett@mail service



public satisfaction of the waste collection service of Aprica


public satisfaction of Amsa’s services


satisfied customers of Spazio A2A


customer satisfaction on the services at sales counters of A2A Energia

Customer satisfaction on call centre operations


  • Realization of the campaign “I choose separate collection” by Amsa, which aimed to make all citizens aware of the adoption of conscious lifestyles in everyday life
  • Amsa “un sacco etnico” project has been realized to raise awareness of 100 ethnic restaurants in Milan on recycling
  • The anti-fraud toll-free number activity continued, with 2,137 calls received (none of which to report unfair commercial practices by A2A)
  • New services of A2A Energia: "Plick", "Energy Check-Up", "Solare A2A" and "Più Fotovoltaico";
  • New tools and channels of contact and assistance (Bolletta Free, chatbox, Spazioa2a)
  • Customer satisfaction and customer experience surveys of A2A Energia, Linea Più, Aprica and Amsa
  • Introduction of the Bollett@mail for the Integrated Water Service
  • New layout for ease of reading the bills of A2A Calore & Servizi, A2A Ciclo Idrico and A2A Smart City

Performance 2019


of Milan’s LED traffic light lamps




projects, among those launched under the Innova2a program, have already successfully passed the pilot phase



smart district Realized in Milan (Merezzate and Cascina Merlata)



km of fiber optic developed in Brescia





sensors installed on the aqueduct network of Brescia to identify the water losses


digital islands have been built, located in different places in Bergamo


races won for public lighting in municipalities



  • The Innova2a program continued to gather ideas from the outside and from the internal dialogue between the different functions and BU: 24 projects started
  • Entry into the “Circular Economy 100” network of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • Concluded a project aimed at verifying the effectiveness of Machine Learning techniques applied to the forecasting of dispersions on the natural gas network
  • Collaboration between A2A Smart City and the companies in the precision farming sector in the adoption and implementation of innovative technological solutions applied to irrigation management and pathogen monitoring
  • Tested a micro-turbine that exploits the flow of gas within the distribution network for the production of electricity
  • Use of aerial drones in the Group's plants for inspections in potentially dangerous places
  • Successfully completed the feasibility study for the Balilla Project aimed at recovering low temperature renewable heat to be integrated into the Milan district heating system

Performance 2019


million euro of contributions to the community


euro to the sponsorships

> 750

initiatives involving stakeholders were carried out


people supported by the projects of the first “Doniamo Energia” call for proposals

Main issues considered in stakeholder engagement activities


  • Renewed a number of agreement with universities and for research and innovation activities linked to the technical and environmental improvement of the Group’s activities and business
  • Organized "Regulatory Breakfast" on the evolution of the regulatory framework
  • Participation in the working table for the definition of the National Integrated Energy Climate Plan (PNIEC)
  • Relations and involvement of the main consumer and environmental associations
  • Selected and awarded the 2 projects of the call "creiAMO Piemonte", that have received an economic contribution and a light incubation path
  • New lighting for the Belvedere of Palazzo Lombardia (143 RGB LED lighting fixture and the DMX control system, which will allow the creation of countless color combinations)

Material issues

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