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SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

Sustainable Development Goal

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Policy and sustainability plan

Circular economy


Smartness in networks and services

People innovation


Recovery and treatment

To improve the recovery process of waste collected (including through their transformation into energy) and promote separate waste collection to help reduce the environmental impact of cities

KPI 2017 2018 2023 plan objective
Percentage of municipal waste collected sent for recovery of material or energy 99.0% 99.7% 99.0%
Percentage separate waste collection in the municipalities served (apart from Milan) 70.0% 74.3% 76.0%
Percentage separate waste collection in the city of Milan 54.0% 59.7% 65.0%

Reduction policies

To reduce the production of waste through a prevention, reduction and reuse policy

KPI 2017 2018 2023 plan objective
Territories where waste prevention and reduction actions are active (% of total population served) - 81% >80%/anno
Number of waste prevention and reduction projects activated - 30 80
Investments allocated to the development of technologies and services linked to the circular economy (k€) - year 49,035 42,181 670,000
(cumulato 19-23)


To maintain high quality standards of the services supplied by keeping high customer satisfaction levels

KPI 2017 2018 Obiettivo piano 2023
Total CSI of "Reference multi-client
customer satisfaction" of CERVED
Databank for customers of A2A Energia
Domestic gas
(national average

(national average
- national average
and never < 90%
CSI for Call Center A2A Energia 95.7 (national
average 93.2)
98.1 (national
average 92.3)
> sector national

Responsible procurement

To develop initiatives aiming to spread the culture of health and safety at work amongst ontractors and other suppliers. Develop Green Procurement policies

KPI 2017 2018 2023 plan objective
Value of orders assigned to certified suppliers (% of the total) 80% 82% 80%
Activated suppliers with sustainability requirements (% of the total) 42% 54% >50%
Number of meetings held with suppliers, with a view to listening to and discussing aspects of sustainability as well - 1 12
Incidence of sustainability criteria in the vendor rating process (% of total indicators) - 2% 12%


To consolidate and, where possible, improve the environmental education and promote the awareness of risks associated with climate change in the public opinion

KPI 2017 2018 2023 plan objective
Number of visitors to plants 31,300 33,600 38,000
Participants involved in the A2A school project 34,600 29,700 42,000

2018 Performance


milion tonnes of waste were processed by the plants



 million tonnes of waste collected in the Municipalities served



thousand tonnes of recovered secondary raw materials.



kWh of thermal energy produced from every tonne of waste-toenergy waste.


kWh of electricity produced from every tonne of waste-toenergy waste.

Final destination of municipal waste collected


  • The Group's average differentiated collection increased by 4%. (In Brescia the Oratori campain, in Milan Ecoisola and sensibilisation of the bio plastic)

  • Start-up of the new plastic selection plant in Cavaglià (started in 2018)and in Muggiano (expected starting in spring 2019)

  • The construction of 4 new treatment plants for the wet waste fraction is planned (FORSU), for the following recovery of biomethane

  • Brescia awarded for the differentiated collection of steel packaging

2018 Performance


 million euro in added value distributed to Group stakeholders


million euro net financial position


million euro of capital expenditure


milion of euro were related to environmental aspects

Investments by Business Unit


  • Presence of ethical investors amongst the shareholders, such as Norges Bank and Etica Sgr.
  • Inclusion in 6 ethical indices, including, for the first year, the FTSE4GOOD. Multiple communication tools with financial stakeholders.
  • First credit line "ESG/ KPIs Linked Revolving Credit Facility" issued.
  • 24% of investments were for environmental aspects, such as: , such as:actions to reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency, develop renewable sources and innovation.

2018 Performance


applications for adhesion to Water Bonus


million of inhabitants served for environmental hygiene


 adhesions to Bollett@mail


satisfaction index of all waste collection services of Amsa and Aprica

Customer satisfaction on call centre operations


  • New energy offers and contract channels: PERFETTA2A and SPAZIOA2A
  • New offer for district heating "warm house even at night".
  • New service "ask for a refund" by A2A Energia
  • Customer Satisfaction investigations: Linea Green, A2A Energia, APRICA, AMSA
  • A2A Calore e Servizi partner of the first smart distric of the Municipality of Milan for the district heating

2018 Performance


 billion euro ordered from suppliers, of which 91.6% Italian



of orders issued to suppliers in possession of at least one certification



of the value of orders goes to social cooperative companies and non-profit organisations




suppliers evaluated on social issues


suppliers evaluated on environmental issues

Qualified suppliers


  • ​Revised the procedure for access to the Suppliers Register, wich requires suppliers to sign an Integrity Pact
  • Audits planned at the suppliers' premises to verify as stated in the qualification request
  • Inspections were carried out on 41 contractors and 36 subcontractors working at the Networks&District Heating BU sites

2018 Performance


classes involved in the "Missione Terra" project, with final events in Milan and Brescia


institutes involved in the "Missione Terra" project, with final events in Milan and Brescia


24 Italian provinces involved in the "Missione Terra" project, with final events in Milan and Brescia


visitors in Casa dell'Energia e dell'Ambiente site


students involved in the exhibition "The Game of 4R", focused on the waste cycle

A2A and the school


  • Organized events and initiatives dedicated to teachers and school leaders
  • More than 1.500 students involved in the ervents "Missione Terra" both in Milan and Brescia
  • Relised several projects: in Milan, continuation of the initiative CIAK: L'AMBIENTE" in collaboration with MIC - Museo Interattivo del Cinema, and "Liter of light", international solidarity project about the access to energy in some contries of Africa, promossi da Fondazione AEM; in Brescia the television programme created in collaboration with Teletutto, with the contribution of the ASM Foundation

Material issues

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