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SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

Sustainable Development Goal

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Policy and sustainability plan

Circular economy


Smart Solution

People innovation



To improve the recovery process of waste collected (including through their transformation into energy) and promote separate waste collection to help reduce the environmental impact of cities

KPI 2018 2019 2024 plan objective
Urban waste at landfill (% of total municipal waste collected) 0.3% 0.1% 0%
Percentage separate waste collection in the municipalities served (apart from Milan) (% of total municipal waste collected) 74.4% 74.1% 76%
Percentage separate waste collection in the city of Milan (% of total municipal waste collected) 59.7% 61.5% 65%


To reduce the production of waste through a prevention,reduction and reuse policy

KPI 2018 2019 2024 plan objective
Territories where waste prevention and reduction actions are active (% of total inhabitants served) 81% 82% >80%/year
Investments allocated to the development of technologies and services linked to the circular economy cumulative (millions of euro) 42 33 725

Performance 2019


tonnes of waste collected in the municipalities served



tonnes of secondary raw materials ready for new use



kWh of electricity produced
per tonne of waste treated



kWh of thermal energy produced
per tonne of waste treated



of the total thermal energy produced by the Group comes from waste and biogas


the level of saparate collection of urban waste in all municipalities served

Final destination of municipal waste collected


  • Increased the Group’s average separate waste collection, thanks to increasingly widespread local initiatives
  • Bergamo awarded for the implementation of 2 waste reduction projects: the collection of used vegetable oils produced by households and the Ecovan, in which the citizens can dispose the hazardous household waste; Como awarded for the separate collection of the steel packaging
  • Entry to Ellen MacArthur Foundation's CE100 Program with the aim of accelerating the transition to a circular economy
  • A2A became the aim supporting member of the non-profit association “ReMade in Italy”, whose companies use recycled material and produce green products in all sectors
  • Within the project “Advanced forms of sewage sludge management in an innovative Lombard hub", A2A Ambiente will experiment the optimization of energy recovery of sewage sludge in co-combustion with other non-recyclable waste (Brescia) and in single combustion (Corteolona), also aimed at recovering phosphorous ashes, an essential nutrient, which can then be used in agriculture
  • A2A delivered nearly 50,000 aluminium water bottles to all first-grade secondary school children in the cities of Milan and Brescia. A similar initiative was also carried out with the University of Brescia and thanks to the contribution of A2A Ciclo Idrico, 8,500 water bottles were provided to freshmen

Performance 2019


million euro of added value distributed to Group stakeholders



Group indebtedness from sustainable financing



million euro of capital expenditure in the A2A Group




million euro dedicated to sustainable investments


million euro issuance of the first Group Green Bond


million euro of project approved with EIB (European Investment Bank) financing

ESG Capex


  • Listening meeting for the investors on ESG issues at the Sustainability day organized by Borsa Italiana
  • The Group has decided to adopt a Green Financial Framework, thanks to which it can issue green bonds and subscribe any type of financial instrument dedicated to specific green projects
  • Allocated the first Group Green Bond
  • 62% of the investments are dedicated to the development of sustainable projects, linked to the Sustainability Plan

Material issues

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