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SDG 5: Gender equality

Sustainable Development Goal

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Policy and sustainability plan

Circular economy


Smart Solution

People innovation


Welfare, diversity e equal opportunities

Develop innovative welfare policies, also in connection with the promotion of gender equality, and optimise competences through a generational bridge that allows for the transfer of knowledge and experience between the junior and senior populations

KPI 2018 2019 Obiettivo piano 2024
Women in positions of responsibility (% of total responsible employees) 20% 21% 25%
Employees involved in welfare initiatives (% of total) 90% 100% 100% (at 2020)

Performance 2019


hires of which 40% under 30



employees involved in smart working (work from home one day a week)



days were worked in a smart way






parental leaves


persons with disabilities, of whom 23% women

Personnel by age brackets


  • Integration of new intitiatives dedicated to the employee and his family in the corporate welfare program "Welfare A2A", entirely managed through a dedicated web platform
  • Launched “New Enegy” project, aimed at minimizing the impact of disability and to meet the specific needs of each differently abled
  • Also this year, the social-psychological assistance service continued in 14 A2A Group sites, which involved 3,187 employees
  • Launched GEA project (Gender Equality), which aims to ensure gender balance in the company, which has seen its starting point in attracting the best female talent during employer branding initiatives organized in 2019

Material issues

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