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SDG 6: Clean water and sanitation

Sustainable Development Goal

Ensure access to water and sanitation for all

Policy and sustainability plan

Circular economy


Smart Solution

People innovation



To implement actions aimed at reducing water consumption in the collection and distribution processes, so as to improve water quality and reduce water dispersion

KPI 2018 2019 plan objective 2024
Linear water losses - average (m3/km/gg) 27.8 26.0 21
Percentage of equivalent inhabitants without access to the purification service (% of total AE at
12/31/2016 in the municipalities served)
21.7% 18.0% 7%
Percentage of new generation water service meters installed - cumulative value (% of total meters) Revised 22.0% 76%
Intelligent sensors installed for water service - cumulative value (no.) 27 72 170

Performance 2019


millions of m3 releases
for Minimun Vital Outflow



millions of m3 of water recovered
in BU Generation and Trading plants, 
equal to 40% of the water withdraw



km of the aqueduct network replaced

- 6%

water losses


water smart meter installed

Water resources used


  • 70 hidden water leaks identified on 1,000 km grid network thanks to a systematic analysis carried out specifically for the “hidden leaks “
  • A new "No Dig" technology to minimize water leaks without excavations has been successfully tested
  • “Acquasicura” project continued, to help costumers in the event of water leaks
  • A new criterion has been adopted to identify water stressed areas in the territory in wich the Group operates

Performance 2019


 controlls per million m3 of water supplied


samples taken


parameters analyzed


millions of m3 the purifying service treatment capacity of the Integrated Water Service

Number analysis per mm3 of water delivered


  • The new Nuvolera purifier came into operation (serving about 25,000 equivalent inhabitants)
  • Partial collection of the sewerage network of the Municipality of Concesio to the network of Brescia, served by the Purifier of Verziano
  • New purifier in the municipality of San Paolo in Brescia, capable to serving 6,000 equivalent inhabitants
  • Made of 50% of the sewerage and water supply system for the Calvisano agglomeration

Material issues

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