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SDG 9: Industries, innovation and infrastructure

Sustainable Development Goal

Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Policy and sustainability plan

Circular economy


Smart Solution

People innovation


To improve the recovery process of waste collected (including through their transformation into energy) and promote separate waste collection to help reduce the environmental impact of cities

KPI 2018 2019 2024 plan objective
Waste treated (municipal + special) aimed at recovering material at the Group’s plants (thousands of
926 980 1,500
Waste treated aimed at energy recovery at the plants managed by the Group (thousands of
2,471 2,457 2,700
CSS produced by Group's plants (thousands of tonnes) 129 130 528
Biomethane produced by FORSU plants (Organic Fraction of Urban Solid Waste) (millions of m3)   New 20


Initiatives enabling the process of transition to a low-carbon economy, which allow to keep the system secure

KPI 2018 2019 2024 plan objective
Initiatives such as storage, CCGT flexibility and repowering and synchronous compensators (no.)


1 5


Develop solutions to offer a better information access infrastructure (Smart Grid) and improve the network resilience

KPI 2018 2019 2024 plan objective
Users with smart gas meters active (G4-G6) - Networks and District Heating BU perimeter (% of total)


86% 98%
Percentage of users with 2G electricity smart meter (Unareti) (% of total)   New 96%
Annual average number of outages per LV user in high concentration environment (700A) due to long outages without notice (no.)


1.61 1.05
Investments in Smart Grids - cumulative value 20-24 (millions of euro) 40 44 193

Smart cities

Support the development of the smart city in the territory in which the Group operates, including through new business models that exploit the technological component (smart grids and big data)

KPI 2018 2019 2024 plan objective
Charging points managed for electric vehicles (no.) 168 198 1,500
Vehicles monitored by GPS (% of total) 81% 97% 100%

Ict - Cybersecurity

Infrastructure develpoment and improvement projects of IT platforms and application. Adoption of defence mechanisms and protection against logical, viral attacks

KPI 2018 2019 2024 plan objective
Achievement of ISO27001 certification (progress)   New Achievement
Operators of Networks and Distrcit Heating BU equipped with digital tools for mobile work (WFM) (% of total target population) 51.5% 85% 100% (at 2020)

Performance 2019

> 1

million the smart meters replaced


water smart meter installed in 2019 (an overall total of 47,000 devices installed)


million of electricity meters will be replace in municipalities served with 2G smart meters (with an investment of about 173 million euro)

Annual number of calls to the switchboard


  • Respect of the technical and commercial quality levels of its services (Service Charters)
  • The gas meter replacement plan (smart meters) continued, exceeding the target set by the Authority in 2019 (80% of the meters are already been replaced)
  • The replacement of the old generation water meters with new generation consumption metering devices continued
  • The 2G smart metering system Commissioning plan has been finalized, which will be launched in 2020

Performance 2019


 tonnes/year material treatment and recovery of the Group


material treatment and recovery plants


MWe electricity generation capacity of the waste-to-energy plants of the Group


MWt thermal production capacity of the waste-to-energy plants of the Group

Waste processed by type of plant


  • Start-up the new plastic selection plant in Muggiano (Milan)
  • Acquisition of Electrometal, a company specialized in the recovery and treatment of industrial waste (two lines with an annual capacity of 107,000 tons)
  • Obtained the authorization to build the first plant at Lacchiarella to produce about 8 million cubic meters of biomethane

Performance 2019


GW electricity generation capacity installed


GW thermal production capacity


km district heating network

Net electricity produced divided up according to plant type and source

Net thermal energy produced divide up according to plant type and source


  • Numerous initiatives for the presidium and the safety of dams
  • Installation of synchronous compensators to guarantee the continuity regulation service of the National Transmission Grid
  • Definition of agreement with Talesun Group to develop: will be replaced 100 km per year of medium voltage grid and 20 km per year of low voltage grid (duration of the plan: 10 years)
  • Definition of agreement with Talesun Group to develop new photovoltaic project for a total capacity of 1 GW
  • Realization of the first storage tank at the Lamarmora power plant in Brescia

Performance 2019


million euro of added value distributed to Group stakeholders



 Group indebtedness from sustainable financing



million euro of capital expenditure in the A2A Group




million euro dedicated to sustainable investments


 million euro issuance of the first Group Green Bond


million euro of project approved with EIB (European Investment Bank) financing

ESG Capex


  • Listening meeting for the investors on ESG issues at the Sustainability day organized by Borsa Italiana
  • The Group has decided to adopt a Green Financial Framework, thanks to which it can issue green bonds and subscribe any type of financial instrument dedicated to specific green projects
  • Allocated the first Group Green Bond
  • 62% of the investments are dedicated to the development of sustainable projects, linked to the Sustainability Plan

Performance 2019


charging columns installed


recharges delivered by e-moving columns


 million zero-emission routes thanks to e-moving

> 47%

the share of green collection vehicles (EURO 6, methane and electric)

E-moving number charges Electricity supplied


  • A second e-hub was inaugurated for recharging the electric vehicles of the Unareti Grouo company fleet: 12 column 3 wallboxes for a total of 30 recharging points
  • In the Brescia area, where 19 charging stations were already present, 4 new columns has been installed
  • New columns has been installed in Monfalcone, Rovato, Bergamo, Brescia and Cremona
  • Inside 6 main car parks in Brescia ares, a special area has been activated for electric recharging with wallbox, a recharging infrastructure wich allows the simultaneous recharging of two electric vehicles
  • Corporate car sharing now includes all Group’s sites

Performance 2019


of Milan’s LED traffic light lamps




projects, among those launched under the Innova2a program,
have already successfully passed the pilot phase



smart district realized in Milan (Merezzate and Cascina Merlata)



km of fiber optic developed in Brescia





sensors installed on the aqueduct network
of Brescia to identify the water losses


digital islands have been built, located in different places in Bergamo


races won for public lighting in municipalities



  • The Innova2a program continued to gather ideas from the outside and from the internal dialogue between the different functions and BU: 24 projects started
  • Entry into the “Circular Economy 100” network of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • Concluded a project aimed at verifying the effectiveness of Machine Learning techniques applied to the forecasting of dispersions on the natural gas network
  • Collaboration between A2A Smart City and the companies in the precision farming sector in the adoption and implementation of innovative technological solutions applied to irrigation management and pathogen monitoring
  • Tested a micro-turbine that exploits the flow of gas within the distribution network for the production of electricity
  • Use of aerial drones in the Group's plants for inspections in potentially dangerous places
  • Successfully completed the feasibility study for the Balilla Project aimed at recovering low temperature renewable heat to be integrated into the Milan district heating system

Performance 2019


incidents monitored




cases of Data Breach managed





  • A new unit has been established to address cybersecurity and to define IT security policies, processes and standards
  • Continual monitoring of the safety of the A2A Group through the Security Operation Center unit

Material issues

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