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A2A for schools

A2A deals with the environment, water and energy, and thus all those conditions needed for the life of the planet and of people themselves. For this reason, we define ourselves as a Life Company. Operating as a Life Company entails great responsibility: acting responsibly but also creating a common culture of respect and of knowledge of the technologies that enable us to safeguard the planet.

The portal is our channel of communication with schools. Energy production and the energy transition, the circular economy and the environment, the water cycle, responsible consumption: for all of these topics, we have developed educational resources for Italian students and teachers in order to help them understand, plan and experience together the journey to sustainability.

Educational visits

Environmental education cannot remain within the confines of the classroom: it should go on everywhere, in contact with the context in which we live, in a logic of community and of sharing. This is the cornerstone of good teaching practice and a key aspect of our philosophy in working with schools.

Guided tours of our operational facilities and of the ‘Casa dell’Energia e dell’Ambiente’ (Home of Energy and the Environment) centre have always been highlights in our range of educational services, providing the added value that such experiences can give when studying environmental issues. Due to the Covid-19 emergency, these tours are currently suspended.

In the meantime, other resources for schools, available free of charge, are detailed on the portal, where you can find our new educational game on efficiency and energy saving, aimed at schools all over Italy, as well as many other new activities, also available on the EDUTV digital channel.

To be kept up to date on new resources and on the reopening of our facilities, register at the A2A for schools portal.


Exclusively for our teachers, we have EDU TV, a web TV with digital teaching content to share in the classroom, including special webinars and innovative videos divided into four topic areas: technology, sustainability, history and events.

Ecogame A2A - Energy Transition

Educational game – 2021/2022 School year

This year’s educational programme focuses on the issue of energy transition, a key element in assuring a sustainable future and at the core of a real ecological transition, which will allow younger generations to live in a healthy, clean and sustainable environment.

The ecogame is designed for all of Italy’s primary and middle schools.

Educational resources

Publications and other resources rich in easy-to-use material with which teachers can personalize their course and lesson content and involve students in ‘tailor-made’ learning activities.

Regional schemes

Over the years, in some areas where A2A has a particularly well-established presence, we have developed specific resources for schools, including lessons in environmental education, events and workshops. Such activities are offered to schools free of charge, thanks also to the support of the Fondazione AEM and the Fondazione ASM, which have been working in this sphere for many years.

For more information about these classroom-based and non-classroom-based activities: