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A2A and Schools

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Throughout the year, Progetto Scuola A2A offers guided visits to the plants of Gruppo A2A (waste-to-energy plants, hydroelectric, thermoelectric, cogeneration power stations, water sources, water treatment plants and waste multicollection centres) e to education-museum sites such as "Centro di Attività didattiche" in Udine and "Casa dell’Energia e dell’Ambiente" in Milano.

To make a reservation, select the plant that you would like to visit on the map or click on the name of the plant directly in the list (ITALIAN VERSION ONLY).



Missione Terra

This year, the educational competition launched by A2A for elementary and middle schools throughout Italy is called “Missione terra – S.O.S.tieni il tuo pianeta” (Mission Earth - S.O.S. hold on to your planet), a project focused on raising awareness of the importance of respecting the environment and the natural resources.

All the participating classes will be sent a boxed game named after the initiative as their kit: this throws down an exciting gauntlet to the extra-terrestrial players, who must pit their wits against one another, answering quizzes and winning challenges to save the precarious equilibrium of Planet Earth from destruction.

Once they have played, each class must invent four new questions, one for each theme proposed (WATER, WASTE, WASTING RESOURCES, ENERGY) for the test cards of the second edition of the game, and upload them to the dedicated web platform

It will also be possibility to upload photos and videos of the young people as they have fun playing the game. These will form part of a dynamic gallery designed to engage the families of the participants too.

Similarly to the other years, the best entries will be selected by a panel of judges appointed for the occasion and win educational material for their school!

We're waiting to whisk you away on an extra-special "mission": come and help us rescue the Earth!




It’s been years since we started designing publishing products intended to support teachers and students in the training on complex topics, seeking to help to build an new awareness and care towards the environment and what surrounds us.

In the A2A Libri/Scuola section you can download for free:

- the cards of the plants which can be visited

- the "Energia e Ambiente", (Energy and Environment) teacher’s guide, a tool for helping teachers to deepen, during the lessons, the knowledge of topics such as the production and distribution of energy and the management of the water and waste cycle, but also environmental sustainability, smart cities and energy saving.

- the mini-guide for kids Rifiuto: "Da scarto a risorsa" (Waste: from scrap to resource), intended to make them aware of the recycling topic and of the correct management of waste starting from their everyday life.

- the mini-guide for kids "Energia e calore" (Energy and heat), focusing on the topics of energy, district heating and production of energy from waste with a special care for environment

- the mini-guide "L’acqua risorsa per la vita" (Water, resource for live), about water as a resource, its life cycle, its management and the purification processes, its informed use

Discover "A2A libri"  (ITALIAN VERSION ONLY)

Initiatives on the territory

In some areas where the presence of A2A is particularly significant, specific initiatives for schools have been developed over the years, such as classroom courses on environmental education, scholarships, quizzes and television specials.

The activities are offered to the schools free of charge, also thanks to the support of Fondazione AEM and Fondazione ASM, which have been active in this field for years, in the Bergamo, Brescia and Milan area.

ACTION 2 ART is a project designed to raise awareness about recycling and the circular economy, conceived for upper secondary schools by ilVespaio, a network of professionals who operate in the fields of eco-design and sustainability on behalf of A2A.

The initiative involves a creative workshop in which the students of the secondary schools in the city of Bergamo learn to design benches or chairs for use in public areas using the materials collected in the recycling plant managed by Aprica, a company of the A2A group.

The professionals of ilVespaio will organise two workshops with the ten classes participating in the project.

A panel of designers and members of A2A will choose the best design created by the classes.

The project is fruit of the ideas and requests that emerged from the Listening Forum of Bergamo staged by A2A in July 2016. The Forum is an event held by A2A in the geographical areas in which it is present, during which it analyses the requirements of the different stakeholders present and identifies projects that can be set in motion in order to create shared value.

AmbienteParco is a science centre dedicated to environmental sustainability located inside the Parco dell’Acqua, an urban park in the middle of the historic town centre of Brescia. Progetto Scuola A2A shares with AmbienteParco its commitment to promote environmental sustainability and the importance of school education, offering Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools the possibility to participate in two learning initiatives, free of charge:

NaturAcqua Water Exhibition

Water is an essential asset that people use in ways that are not very sustainable. The purpose of this course is to raise the awareness of visitors about the importance of respecting and saving water on a day-to-day basis, a resource for life that is extremely precious and just as scarce.

An permanent interactive exhibition focusing on water in all its forms, as a natural resource, from the tap or bottled, virtual water, water in the world, pollution.

"AmbienteParco": programme of events (only italian version)


is a fun way to reflect on the themes of waste, the concept of reduction, waste, re-use, recycling and recovery which, for the older participants, becomes a focus on the LCA - Life Cycle Assessment, the definition of packaging and laws.

Theatricalised installation curated by Teatro Telaio

In view of the roaring success witnessed last year (when approximately 5,000 students took part in the initiative), once again we are offering all the schools in Brescia the chance to experience the theatricalised exposition "Ogni cosa al suo posto" (Everything in its place), an installation curated by Teatro Telaio and staged at the Science Museum in Brescia. Along a pathway through rooms appropriately set up with different materials, the young people, accompanied by actors, will have the chance to learn the secrets behind the art of recycling waste and the importance of each move they make in contributing to the wellness of the environment.

The experience lasts for approximately 50 minutes.

From January onwards, the experience will also be available to schools in the province of Brescia.

For info and bookings please write to


This year we will again be presenting the TV quiz “Our energy for the environment”, made in collaboration with Teletutto and the contribution of Fondazione ASM. The boys and girls of class V of the primary schools and year III of the lower secondary schools in Brescia will answer questions and play games relative to waste, district heating, water and sustainability. The winning schools will receive prizes at a party to be held in the theatre for all the participating schools.

We are again offering the environmental education course managed by Aprica S.p.A., the group's environmental hygiene company, in collaboration with the Koinè cooperative. The theme of the workshops will be reducing waste with a focus on food waste. Food is wasted at every stage of the food production chain, from producer to consumer. The aim of the initiative is to convey fundamental concepts that encourage students to take responsibility for their actions.

The activities and workshops are customised based on the age of the young people in attendance.

For info and bookings, please write to:


Within the scope of the initiative promoted by the Municipality of Milan “Dire, Fare, Educare” (Say, Do, Educate), AMSA, with the collaboration of Fondazione AEM, is offering the exhibition/workshop The Game of the Four Rs - REDUCTION RE-USE RECYCLING RECOVERY, an educational activity that focuses on waste recycling. Using techniques such as cooperative learning and active engagement, the young people are stimulated and taught how to act responsibly and sustainably with regard to their surrounding environment.

The exhibition will be open free of charge to schools in Milan from the month of November.
For info and bookings:

Programme of events (only italian versione)

In collaboration with MIC - Interactive Cinema Museum, “CIAK: L’AMBIENTE (The environment on film)”, is back. The initiative features films and meetings focusing on Education about Sustainable Development, the third edition of the cinematographic event on the themes of Environment, Energy and Waste Recycling, dedicated to primary and secondary schools. Last year, the second edition witnessed the participation of 700 young cinema-goers during the 8 dates proposed.

Info and bookings:
Tel. 02 77203935 from Monday to Friday 2 pm to 4 pm

The programme of the initiative and the plots of the films (only italian version)

The secondary schools in Varese were involved in a campaign designed to raise awareness about waste recycling, which included meetings attended by task forces composed of members of school management, teachers, student representatives and ATA staff, as well as the students themselves. Recycling centres for collecting paper, cardboard, plastic and metal were distributed free of charge, in addition to materials offering information, such as the poster “Where should I dispose of it?” to be put up in classrooms and the mini-guide “Is that where it goes?” to be distributed to the participants.

The initiative is fruit of a listening activity promoted by Aspem with the Municipality of Varese and Comieco, aimed at some of the local stakeholders and here linked to the school. Its objective is to define a number of shared actions capable of achieving the common goal: to recycle 65% of the waste collected in the city.

For more information, please write to

Meetings and educational workshops specifically conceived for each age group, in which to tackle the themes of environmental sustainability, how to reduce the production of waste and waste recycling. The participating schools are provided with suitable waste recycling equipment.

These interventions are aimed at the schools in the municipalities served by Aprica S.p.A., the environmental management company of the A2A group, and are managed by the company's Waste Observatory.

For info and bookings please write to


We believe that knowing how to dialogue with different cultures from our own and live side by side in harmony with our fellow men and women are essential skills that we must transfer to the new generations, in a bid to raise their awareness regarding themes such sustainability, respect for the environment that surrounds us and therefore also for others.

This is why we work with Intercultura Onlus, supporting 4-week summer programs abroad where young people have the opportunity to stay with families or in colleges – depending on their chosen destination – in Europe, America and Asia. Here they discover new worlds and new cultures, attend language courses and/or participate in activities designed to increase their knowledge of the host country.

Intercultura in Italy was founded in the years following the second World War, based on the initiative of a group of volunteers who had already enjoyed intercultural experiences abroad, and who had appreciated the educational potential and innovative energy offered by these compared with the benefits of traditional educational programmes.

For 60 years, Intercultura has been promoting intercultural dialogue through international exchanges involving thousands of young people and families all over the world. It carries out research designed to also raise the awareness of the institutions and the Italian academic world on the importance of these experiences in the training and development pathway of every individual.

For the year 2018, A2A has provided 20 scholarships (details on how to apply for these will be available from January 2018) in various areas where the group's plant and premises are present.