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Business Model

The A2A business model seeks to create shared sustainable value for the company over time and for its reference community. As Life Company, tthe Group is oriented to improving the quality of life of local residents and businesses operating in the reference territories, by offering essential services, guaranteed by the highest quality and efficiency standards: waste collection, sale of electricity and natural gas, water treatment, distribution networks, public lighting, charging infrastructure for electric mobility and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies for smart cities.

The solidity of A2A's presence meets with the change of sectors that evolve constantly, giving rise to a constant path of sustainable growth.

The objective of the model is to make a concrete contribution to the achievement of 11 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda, enhancing the six capitals (Financial, Manufacturing, Natural, Human, Intellectual, Relational) on which the organization depends to ensure its services. Indeed, 90% of investments by 2030 will be in line with the SDGs. A long-term strategy dedicated to the development of the circular economy and the energy transition: the two pillars on which the Group's entire Strategic Plan is based.