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Business model

The A2A Business Model seeks to create shared sustainable value for the company over time and for its reference community.

In actual fact, the services offered by the Group look to the future and are focussed on improving the quality of life of local residents and businesses operating in the reference territories, by offering essential services, guaranteed by the highest quality and efficiency standard. The solidity of A2A's presence meets with the change of sectors that evolve constantly, giving rise to a constant path of sustainable growth.


The six capitals (Financial, Manufacturing, Natural, Human, Intellectual and Relational) are behind the business model, on which the organisation depends in order to guarantee its services. Aware that maintaining and preserving these capitals can be the only key for sustainable growth and a solid presence in the longterm, A2A has defined a system of values, organizational instruments, policies and operating systems that, as a whole, support the Group's various business units in sustainable management.
y A2A has defined a strategy that integrates business objectives with sustainability objectives, defining an Industrial Plan through to 2023 and a Sustainability Policy through to 2030, aimed at returning value to each capital, to keep their capacity unaltered, with a view to sustainable development.