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Human Capital

What is the Human Capital for A2A?

Human Capital is the set of all the expertise, skills and experience of the people that work at the company

La sicurezza e il benessere delle nostre persone prima di tutto

A2A, believes that people are the key factor of business success, in 2018, he has carried out numerous projects for their safety, well-being and growth. In June, 2018, is born the first week dedicated to the Environment, Health and Safety of our Group “La sicurezza nasce dal pensiero”, aimed at spreading the correct behaviour to be adopted in all daily activities. Also, in 2018, was decided to produce a specific film for the companies of our Group operating in that sector, “Pensa alla Vita!”, with the main objective of making operators aware of safety at work. At last, external contractors working at the Group plants was seen in 2018 also through the provision of more than 3,876 hours of specific training to approximately 1,291 people.
The smart working project then continued, involving 954 people to date and involving 20% of employees by 2023.

Accident indices

A2A produces and distributes value




new employees, of whom 40% under 30


of Group employees are hired on permanent contracts


absenteeism rate (-11% on 2017)

We invest in people's growth

Continuing on from the action taken in 2016, 2018 saw A2A pursue and implement numerous personal development and training initiatives. The most important:

  • The ABC managerial development project:
    • training course for management, with the realization of the first training modules, aimed at developing an effective management style for A2A, and at fostering collaboration between people and simplifying activities.
    • induction course, dedicated to newly hired professional graduates under 35. They have been involved 80 young people, who have made use of two
      webinars, faces to the knowledge and the A2A Group and its business; and three workshops to facilitate their integration into the company and to develop a greater awareness in their abilities and how to express them the best in the company;
    • "Young Talent" path. the first A2A Community made up of young people chosen by Management as testimonials for their energy and potential. A developing community, made up of 130 graduates under 35, who want to get involved with ad hoc  initiatives.
  • Supply Chain Skills Laboratory Project, with the aim of maintaining the knowhow of the area, enhancing the knowledge and technical skills of all members of the professional "Supply Chain" family. In particular, in 2018, the phase of self-census of skills by employees was completed.

For all the initiatives and policies dedicated to the people that A2A has fielded, in 2018, it was among one of the best Companies to work in Italy in the “Raw materials, energy, procurement and disposal sectors”. This important result comes from a survey conducted by the magazine Panorama, in collaboration with Statista, which interviewed 15 thousand people employed in over 400 companies in Italy.


Avarage training hours per person

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