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Human Capital

What is the human capital for A2A?

Human Capital is the set of all the expertise, skills and experience of the people that work at the company.

Health and safety of our people first of all

A2A, believes that people are the key factor of business success, in 2019, has carried out numerous projects for their safety, well-being and growth.

Continued awareness-raising initiatives in the "Safety stems from thought" programme: it was established the “Safety Monday”, new monthly event dedicated to safety and the promotion of good habits through unconventional communication.

In addition, it was created a docufilm entitled "475 days", which deals with a serious accident that occurred to a colleague of Unareti in June 2017; the film was presented to all the staff of the Networks and District Heating BU.

The constant attention paid to the promotion of safety amongst external contractors working at the Group plants was seen in 2019 also through the provision of more than 6,176 hours of specific training to approximately 3,702 people.

The A2A Group has been awarded a prize as an organization that promotes workers' health in an excellent way by the WHP – Workplace Health Promotion – regional network thanks to various initiatives: corporate catering focused on proper nutrition, advice during regular medical check-ups for the adoption of healthy lifestyles, smartworking, flu vaccination campaigns and sustainable mobility through carpooling.

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days worked in a smart way

Even the welfare of our people is important

In 2019, work at A2A became smarter and smarter. Smart Working in A2A, has now become a way of working involving 956 employees. In 2019 18,700 days were worked in a smart way and, for each smart worker, about 30 hours and more than 1,000 km of travel per year were saved, with an overall reduction of 34 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere

The 2019 was also the year of enlargement, "A2A Welfare" program with new initiatives dedicated to the family and health. As well as the year of the definition of a new supplementary health care system for the approximately 5,000 people in the energy area, which started on January 1, 2020.

Digital academy is born in A2A

With a view to identifying and developing digital skills and aptitude for innovation within the A2A Group, the “Digital DNA A2A” initiative was set up in 2019, which represents a concrete way of contributing to and supporting digital change in A2A through an online survey.

On the basis of the evidence that emerged and according to the different profiles, a first action of awareness, training and involvement was defined: the DIGITAL ACADEMY A2A, launched in December 2019. It is a dynamic training programme that includes different types of content, such as short videos, infographics, news, case studies and webinars and covers 3 topics: Cybersecurity, Customer Experience & Customer Centricity, and Data Driven Analysis & Decision Making – Artificial Intelligence.

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