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Human Capital

What is the human capital for A2A?

Human Capital is the set of all the expertise, skills and experience of the people that work at the company.

People as the key lever for the success of A2A’s new strategy

A2A considers people as the main strategic lever for the achievement of business objectives and the creation of shared value. For this reason, in 2020, despite the enormous difficulties created by the Covid-19 pandemy, the Group has nevertheless carried out numerous projects for the safety, well-being and growth of people. 
Awareness-raising initiatives on safety issues continued, such as Safety Monday, a monthly event dedicated to safety and the promotion of good habits through unconventional communication systems and languages. These initiatives have also made it possible to further improve the Group’s accident index, reaching a value under 10% in 2020. 


The Accident Index

  2018 2019 2020 2030
Accident Index
20.7 15.3 9.9 4.6


Accident Indices

In addition, training initiatives continued - mainly online - including: 

  • "Inductiona2a" programme which involved 100 new graduate recruits, aimed at the knowledge of the Group and a greater awareness of its role
  • Professional technical training: the lean six sigma green belt project, the theoretical and practical training programme for the application of the lean philosophy and methods; the EGE course is instead aimed at acquiring the preparation to then obtain a certification in expert in energy management
  • Management training: developed new content for the A2A Digital Academy, that is the path dedicated to raising awareness on digital transformation issues; lanched “La palestra dei comportamenti” (the Behaviour Gym), short online courses aimed at training "soft" skills referred to the A2A managerial model 
  • Training in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/2001, aimed at updating people on Code of Ethics, Anti-corruption, Organization Management and Control Models (in 2020 initiatives were carried out for a total of 2,682 hours that involved 15% of employees. Overall 80% of the people trained on the Code of Ethics as of December 31)

Some numbers of 2020


Group employees (+2% compared to 2019)


of employees are hired on permanent contract


training hours (13 hours per capital)

The Hires

  2018 2019 2020 2030
No. hires 920 877 995 6.000


Women Managers 

  2018 2019 2020 2030
Women managers
(% of total of managers)
20% 21% 21% 30%


A2A always careful to the well-being of its people

In 2020, due to the Covid-19 emergency, A2A involved in smart working all resources with a digital user (7,500), making it the main working mode in the most acute phases of the emergency. This has led to the enhancement of virtual meeting tools, to allow people to work in the best possible way. 
Moreover, since the beginning of the pandemy, A2A has given an immediate response to the need for internal and external information, through the creation of a central committee and a committee for each business structure, with the task of overseeing and promptly communicate any new internal information or related to DPCM.
In 2020, the Group seized the opportunities of the legislative provisions that allow the introduction of new facilities for the development of corporate welfare, integrating the initiatives. The initiatives, in 2020, focused on 3 areas

  • Organizational area: granted 377 part-time jobs in 2020, 69% of which to women; and agreed 480 parental leaves 
  • Family: daycare school (13 registrations) and and nursery school (18 registrations) available for the children of the Group's employees and those of other affiliated companies; always for the children of employees (all) were organized "Tech Camp" online, to bring younger people to technological issues
  • Well-being: the online social-psychological assistance service, involving the entire company population 

The new healthcare system, created through a shared pathway by the A2A bilateral governing body, started in 2020, involved 4,600 member employees who put about 4,000 family members on coverage against more than 13,000 requests.

The new Community "Incontriamocina2a” is born

In a year as delicate as 2020, where proximity and contact have been sacrificed for the safety and health of all, A2A has created the community "Incontriamocina2a", open to all colleagues who have access to the intranet company (about 7,500 people). A virtual community to recreate those moments of meeting among colleagues that the Covid-19 emergency has cancelled in the traditional ways, but that are instead essential in everyday work. The community is divided into 5 thematic areas (sport, cooking, networking, art and culture and social commitment) on which to exchange information and opinions. Between May and December 2020, there were about 28,000 views, and there were about 50 active discussions.

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