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Financial capital

What is the Financial Capital for A2A?

The Financial Capital is the set of economic resources involved in the production processes.

A2A is increasingly committed to producing and distributing value, and investing 

In 2018, the gross global value added produced and  distributed by the Group (the financial effect of the business of the A2A Group on its main stakeholders)
was 1,814 million euro. Most of this was allocated to company remuneration (627 million euro), staff compensation (492 million euro) and transfers to the public administration (322 million euro). Transfers to the local community have increased (+3% on 2017). Remuneration of the risk based capital has also increased (+19% on 2017)


Enviromental investments

A2A produces and distributes value


millions of euro, ECONOMIC ADDED VALUE produced and distributed by the Group (+ 10% on 2017)


billions of euro TOTAL ORDER the 91,6% ordered from italian suppliers (+ 47,1% on 2017)





A2A and  sustainable finance

Since July 2018, A2A has also been included in the FTSE4GoodIndex Series, the series of ethical indices of FTSE Russel designed to measure the sustainability performance (ESG) of companies in the main world markets.

The Group is currently listed in the following ethical indices:

  • FTSE4Good Index
  • ECPI Indices
  • Ethibel Sustainability Index Excellence Europe
  • EURO STOXX Sustainability Index Euronext Vigeo Index: Eurozone 120
  • Standard Ethics Italian Index

A2A is also included in the Ethibel Excellence
Investment Register and in the Ethibel Pioneer Investment Register.

In 2018, the A2A Group signed a sustainable credit line of 400 million euro with a 5-year maturity which, for the first time in Italy, sees the

interest rate of the loan anchored to the achievement of specific environmental KPIs combined with the ESG annual ratings of Standard Ethics, as a bonus/malus mechanism.

The credit line, which for A2A replaces a previous agreement signed in 2013, has identified as environmental targets two of the objectives that the A2A Group has defined in its Sustainability Plan :

  1. the increase in the recovery capacity of materials from waste at Group plants
  2. the growth of the share of green energy sold in the mass market segment

At last, A2A A2A has a solid and long-standing relationship with the European Investment Bank (EIB) to support the Group's investment programme.
The EIB finances specific investment projects that meet particular sustainability requirements, applying generally more advantageous economic conditions than the most common forms of financing.
At December 31, 2018, the value of these loans amounted to about 809 million euro.


EIB loans by destination (%) at December 31, 2018

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