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Innovation and R&D

Policy and sustainability plan

Circular economy


Smart Solution

People innovation

Innovation and R&D

To develop investments in research and development, increasing the number of partnerships with international research centres and universities. Properly manage relations and collaborations with NGOs and develop new technologies, patents for technological innovation

KPI 2018 2019 2024 plan objective
Open innovation projects launched through Shark Tank, consistent with the objectives of the Sustainability Plan (no.)   New 75
Investments in start-ups through Corporate Venture Capital A2A Horizon initiative (no.)   New 10

Sustainable development goal


Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development


Performance 2019


of Milan’s LED traffic light lamps




projects, among those launched under the Innova2a program, have already successfully passed the pilot phase



smart district Realized in Milan
(Merezzate and Cascina Merlata)



 km of fiber optic developed in Brescia





sensors installed on the aqueduct network of Brescia to identify the water losses


digital islands have been built, located in different places in Bergamo


races for public lighting in municipalities A2A has won

Sustainable innovation


  • The Innova2a program continued to gather ideas from the outside and from the internal dialogue between the different functions and BU: 24 projects started
  • Entry into the “Circular Economy 100” network of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • Concluded a project aimed at verifying the effectiveness of Machine Learning techniques applied to the forecasting of dispersions on the natural gas network
  • Collaboration between A2A Smart City and the companies in the precision farming sector in the adoption and implementation of innovative technological solutions applied to irrigation management and pathogen monitoring
  • Tested a micro-turbine that exploits the flow of gas within the distribution network for the production of electricity
  • Use of aerial drones in the Group's plants for inspections in potentially dangerous places
  • Successfully completed the feasibility study for the Balilla Project aimed at recovering low temperature renewable heat to be integrated into the Milan district heating system

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