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Intellectual Capital

What is the intellectual capital for A2A?

Intellectual Capital consists of the intangible resources represented by organizational knowledge and intellectual property of the Group.

A2A for innovation

The Innovation was also the distinctive feature of 2019 and involved several areas: the network and services enabling the smart city, smart grid, new processes for the circular economy and within the company, through a number of projects aimed at improving processes within the Group and optimization of working model.

The Innova2a program continued in 2019, developed with the aim of promoting a virtuous and systematic process of generation and management of innovation, able to anticipate but also respond in a structured and effective way to the challenges posed by the market. In 2019, 24 projects were presented and selected by Shark Tank, 10 of which have already successfully passed the pilot phase. Some projects that have successfully passed the testing phase:

  • AI for Sale, for the optimization of marketing activities, through the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms
  • Advanced Fleet Tracking, to optimize the management of the company fleet on a single central platform available to the fleet manager.

Always in 2019, A2A, through the “A2A Horizon” initiative – created with the participation of a number of partners including 360 Capital, a venture capital fund, but also the Politecnico di Milano, with the Poli360 fund, which relies on the University's research, the Technology Transfer Office and the Polihub incubator – he envisages investments of up to 70 million euro for start-ups that operate in strategic business areas for the Group and aims to identify innovative technologies and business models to strengthen the core business, support its evolution and generate value for the Group and the territories in which it operates.

At least, A2A has joined the international network “Circular Economy 100” (CE100) of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, born with the aim to encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience in the field of circular economy, and to promote possible collaborations and partnerships.

Some numbers of 2019


smart bins installed


LED light points installed


parking spaces installed in smart parking


municipalities with Smart City services activated

A2A for smart cities

Through its company A2A Smart City founded in 2016, A2A seeks to lead the offer of smart, digital services for the city of the future, through innovative IoT (Internet of Things) digital technologies to be applied to the management of dedicated territorial services, such as: security, energy savings, environmental sustainability, mobility, etc.

The most important projects of 2019:

  • Smart Districts in Milan: in Merezzate and Cascina Merlata A2A Smart City 's focus was to implement interventions aimed at minimizing energy and property management costs and to make Smart Living services (e.g. connectivity and surveillance) enabled by digital technologies available to residents
  • Open Fiber in Brescia: more than 2,500 km of laid optical fiber, which make Brescia an even more connected city
  • Agriculture 4.0: A2A Smart City bringing its experience in the field of proximal sensors and in the development of IoT networks, will support companies in the precision farming sector in the adoption and implementation of innovative technological solutions applied, for example, to irrigation management and pathogen monitoring

The services offered by A2A Smart City

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