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Intellectual Capital

What is the Intellectual Capital for A2A

Intellectual Capital  consists of the intangible resources represented by organisational knowledge and intellectual property of the Group

A2A for Smart Cities

The distinctive feature of 2018 was the innovation, which covered several areas: the network and services enabling the smart city, smart grid, new processes for the circular economy and within the company, through a number of projects aimed at improving processes within the Group and optimization of working mode. In 2018 was developed Innova2a program that was in 2018 and aims to promote a virtuous and systematic process of generation and management of innovation, able to anticipate but also respond in a structured and effective way to the challenges posed by the market. In 2018, 37 projects were presented at the Shark Tank, of which 26 were admitted to the testing phase and 7 projects have already successfully completed it:

  • Robo Procurement, automation (Robotic Process Automation - RPA) of some processes of the Supply Chain Management  in order to improve the performance of the function, reducing time and operating costs, as well as increasing the level of service.
  • The Weather Company, adoption of a single weather service provider with an innovative predictive model in order to make the distribution of weather services within the Group more efficient.
  • Smart DPI, Mobile alert system that allows verifying, through a series of sensors installed in personal protective equipment (PPE), the correct use of the same by individual workers during activities and synchronize all recorded events to a central database for subsequent statistical analysis.

A2A produces and distributes value


smart bin installed in Milan


LED light points installed


parking stalls installed in Crema and Rho (2,000 at  2019)


municipalities in the province of Brescia become smart thanks to A2A Smart City

A2A for Smart Cities

Through its company A2A Smart City founded in 2016, A2A seeks to lead the offer of smart, digital services for the city of the future, through innovative IoT (Internet of Things) digital technologies to be applied to the management of dedicated territorial services, such as: security, energy savings, environmental sustainability, mobility, etc.
The most importat projects of 2018:

  • Bergamo and the smart squares:  The project involved the construction of 9 smart squares in various suburban areas, where 9 digital islands with charging points for electronic devices, 153 smart bins, 15 irrigation sensors and 6 control units for monitoring environmental parameters have been installed.
  • Brescia Smarti Living: Work continued on the design and testing of the prototype of a more sustainable city in terms of energy and environmental terms, in order to improve the quality of life of citizens.
  • Smart area: 28 municipalities in the province of Brescia will become smart.  Thaks to the LoRa infrastructure (currently finalizing the installation of the IoT and Wi-Fi network) will allow the development of the following services: intelligent bins, environmental monitoring, intelligent irrigation, smart building comfort, structural monitoring of the territory and anti-intrusion security.
  • Smart Land: built a LoRaWAN infrastructure in the Lower Atesina Valley of the Adige River, in order to implement a smart land project in an area with a strong agricultural vocation. The infrastructure for connecting 110 sensors to monitor the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, pressure) of agricultural land was then created.
  • Sharing Cities: is a European research project in the multi-service area which involves the municipality of Milan; to date, in the Milan area involved in the project about 1,200 users of electricity and gas are monitored, with the aim of making citizens more aware of their own consumption and reduction. In addition, to date, the LoRa infrastructure has been built in the area and 20 smart lamppost poles have been installed on which 25 sets of environmental sensors have been mounted: they monitor temperature, humidity and pollution levels.


The services offered by A2A Smart City

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