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Policy and sustainability plan

Policy and sustainability plan

In November 2015 the Board of Directors of A2A resolved to launch a programme to develop Corporate Social Responsibility activities, in line with best international practices. One of the main objectives of the Programme was the development of a Sustainability Policy for the Group and the definition of a Sustainability Plan, which sets out quantifiable objectives in a time frame in keeping with the Business Plan, up until 2020.

These two tools were developed starting from the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals to 2030 which satisfactorily meet the strictest requirements for a future based on principles of equality, inclusion and growth within the planet’s limits, the contents of which have been broken down into the four macro trends that characterize the sector


(only italian version)



Circular economy

Sustainably manage waste during its life cicle



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Smart networks and services

Increase grid reliability through technological innovation

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People innovation

Actively contribute to the welfare of the community and the improvement of working conditions


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Contribute to achieving national and EU targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions


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Quality, environment and safety are values that are given the utmost importance. They are geared to a precise and practical policy, animated by special management that, through the communication of a specific policy, operates for its consolidation inside and outside the company, extending it to the daily work of all categories of employees.

The quality, environment and safety policy (QES) is at the heart of the approach to sustainability of the A2A Group.

It is inspired by the principles of sustainable development, which in the environmental sphere involves the ability to produce energy and deliver quality services through better use of natural resources, reduction of pollutant emissions and the continuous improvement of environmental parameters. The mission of a2a is to provide quality services and produce energy through innovative technologies, tailored to the social, economic and environmental requirements.


Quality, Environment and Safety Policy (italian version only)

Gruppo A2A, seeking to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of its internal processes, to promote and support the respect for environment also through the reduction in the consumption of resources, and also to guarantee the health and safety of its employees, adopted  management systems for quality, environment and safety.

This section provides the detail of the companies of Gruppo A2A which hold certifications regarding their management systems for quality, environment, and safety or attestations issued by external entities for the activities related to them (i.e. Accreditation of analysis labs, EMAS Registrations under EC Regulation CE 1221/2009, factory production controls, code of practice, SOA attestations, etc.).



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Seeking to optimize and improve the corporate processes in terms and environmental efficiency and effectiveness, A2A Group adopted certain Environmental Management Systems identifying, as driving tools for their implementation, the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard and the EMAS Regulations; the latter envisages the publication of its Environmental Declaration audited by a certified third party.

The environmental declaration is the document through which Group A2A discloses to the public, in an objective, comparable and credible manner, the environmental performance of the plants and the results achieved against the set objectives. The declaration will be effective for three years and updates will be issued on a yearly basis.

As of 31 December 2016 the Group has 24 EMAS registered sites.