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Circular economy




Develop a sustainable waste management approach for the entire life cycle through a further increase in waste recycling, improved waste treatment and recovery capacity in the Group's power plants, technological innovation and the promotion of responsible behaviour to minimize the use of landfills and protect the environment and human health


Some 2030 targets

  • 70% sorted waste collection to be achieved in the municipalities served
  • 99% urban waste collected sent for recovery of material or energy
  • Capacity of recovery of material in plants owned by the Group at least equivalent to the total of municipal waste collected separately

Sustainability plan 2019-2023


Action KPIs 2016 2017 2018 2022 Plan Objective New 2023 Plan Objective


To improve the recovery process of waste collected (including through their transformation into energy) and promote separate waste collection to help reduce the environmental impact of cities

Percentage of separate waste collection in the municipalities served (apart from Milan)

60% 70% 74.3% 71% 76%
Percentage of separate waste collection in the city of Milan 52% 54% 59.7% 60% 65%
Waste treatment capacity (municipal + special waste) aimed at recovering material at the Group's plants (kt) 658 888 926 1,239 1,280
  Δ compared to 2015 86% 151% 162% 250% 262%


To implement actions aimed at reducing water consumption in the collection and distribution processes, so as to improve water quality and reduce water dispersion

Percentage of population equivalent without access to sewage treatment (% of total AE at 12/31/2016 in the municipalities served) - 21.7% 21.7% REVISED 8%


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