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  • Contribute to the achievement of the national and European objectives to reduce GHG  emissions related to electricity generation
  • Reduce the carbon intensity in electricity generation, supporting the use of renewable sources and low CO2 emission energy carriers
  • Develop highly efficient district heating and district cooling through the use of, and integration with, renewable sources, the use of co-generated heat and waste, and ensuring a positive contribution to the air quality in cities
  • Increase the use of and customer loyalty to renewable electricity sources
  • Promote energy efficiency (extension of LED to public lighting, initiatives and efficiency in industrial and residential areas) and the use of renewable sources in end uses

Some 2030 targets

  • 62% reduction in CO2 emissions of power plants (compared to a baseline of the 2008-2012 average)
  • 50% heat from non-fossil fuels and recovered sources in the mix used for high-efficiency district heating and cooling
  • 46,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year prevented thanks to the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable sources in end use

Sustainability plan 2019-2023

Action KPIs 2016 2017 2018 2022 Plan Objective New 2023 Plan Objective
To help reduce the environmental impact of the cities, paying close attention to air quality, implementing district heating and district cooling
NOx avoided thanks to the extension of district heating (t/year) -125 -138 -139 -180 -260

To develop actions aiming to reduce the environmental footprint, like direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases

CO2 emissions of electric power generation plants (kt CO2) 5,047 6,299 5,701 6,270 5,700
Δ on average levels for 2008-2012 (9,500 kt CO2) -47% -33% -40% -34% -40%

Emissions factor for power production plants (gCO2/kWh)

420 419 374 394 361
Δ on average levels for 2008-2012 (438 gCO2/kWh) -4% -4% -15% -10% -18%
To raise customer awareness and to implement communication campaigns
Green energy sold to the mass market segment (GWh) 545 909 1,065 1.818 2,000
Δ compared to 2017    


100% 125%




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