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Smart networks and services




Increase the resilience and reliability of the networks and grids by increasing the investments in technological innovation in the infrastructures and management systems in order to  ensure high standards of quality in the services provided and contribute to the sustainability of cities and communities, also by enabling and implementing systems and tools that encourage the adoption of virtuous and conscious behaviours by end users in terms of energy consumption


Some 2030 targets

  • 15% smart networks (advanced automation) of the total
  • 20% smart investments of total investments in the Networks and Heat BU

Sustainability plan 2019-2023


Action KPls 2016 2017 2018 2022 Plan Objective New 2023 Plan Objective

To maintain high quality standards of the services supplied by keeping high customer satisfaction levels

Total CSI of "Reference multi-client customer satisfaction" of CERVED - Databank for customers of A2A Energia

(national avarage 90.3)
Domestic gas 90.1 (national
average 89.4)
Domestic electricity 91.2 (national
average 89.7)
Not yet available > 2% vs national average and never
< 90%
> national average and never < 90%
To develop innovative channels and services (web, mobile, gamification) to increase customer loyalty
Number of energy customers registered with the on-line service 268,818 356,155 391,626 550,000 640,000

To support the development of the smart city in the territory in which the Group operates, including through new business models that exploit the technological component (Smart Grids and big data)

Number of new LED light points installed on IP 196,431 213,817 250,590 350,000 312,000
Number of smart environmental bins - 300 6,663 20,000 18,000


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