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Relational Capital

What is the relational capital for A2A?

The Relational Capital represents the company's ability to create relations with external stakeholders and share values in order to increase individual and collective wellbeing.

A2A for its customers

A2A’s commitment to raising awareness of its customers and communities in which it operates on responsible and sustainable consumption continued in 2020. In 2020, in addition to new products and commercial services (e.g “Più fotovoltaico”, “Energy Check-up”), the commitment has also materialized:

  • in the extension of the e-moving service in Concesio, Carugate and Crema  
  • in the development of ESCo energy efficiency services for third parties (e.g. the 22 projects of installation of photovoltaic plants incentives for a total of 13.36 million euro invested and 11.8 MW of installed power)
  • in the creation of targeted communication campaigns to raise awareness of separate collection such as the communication campaign to improve the quality of plastic collected in Milan; the campaign on the correct disposal of packaging cartons; the information campaign on the damage caused by cigarette butts abandoned on the ground
  • in the introduction of extraodinary activities of municipal sanitation to manage the Covid-19 emergency (a new street washing service in Bergamo, Milan and Brescia, for a total of 2,970 km and in the entire street network of Como; sanitization of the play areas of the public parks of Milan, Bergamo and Brescia, for a total of 495 areas; the delivery service of bins and and collecting waste from nursing homes or Covid facilities in Milan; sanitization of roadside bins by Aprica)


The E-moving service


  2018 2019 2020
No. Recharhes 137,242 144,963 119,547
Electricity supplied (kWh) 1,254,613 1,541,723 1,662,852
CO2 emission avoided (t) 948 1,174 1,201


The Charging points 

  2020 2030
No. charging points 680 6,062 (cumulative 21-30)

Some numbers of 2020


GWh of green energy sold
(+72% compared to 2019)


km travelled with zero emissions, thanks to E-moving infrastructure
(+ 8% compared to 2019)


of contributions to the community
(+ 48% compared to 2019)


people supported in vulnerable social and economic positions throughout Lombardy by Banco dell'Energia Onlus

A2A for environmental education

For years A2A has been developing projects and initiatives to educate about sustainability aimed at raising awareness and involving new generations on environmental issues and on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030. 

Despite the context, 2020 represented an opportunity for Scuola2a to further invest in training and initiatives aimed at teachers in virtual form. The Scuola2a portal has seen a 143% increase in subscribers, reaching a total of about 1,700, thanks also to a greater investment in digital marketing tools dedicated to the school world.

In 2020, more than 31,000 people were involved in environmental and sustainability education activities.

Some of the initiatives developed on the portal:

  • “Agenda 2030: a map to navigate the present”, a series of 10 webinars – organized between november 2020 and january 2021 – dedicated to each school level, from preschool to second-grade secondary school to raise teachers' awareness of the fundamental Sustainable Development Goals. More than 70 people participated in each webinar.
  • “A2A talents at the disposal of schools”, new video contributions, in which some employees shared their know-how for the benefit of students and teachers. Moreover, with the A2ATalks project, A2A technicians have made complex concepts linked to issues such as the energy transition, the circular economy, the latest generation of district heating and sustainable mobility accessible. 

As for the competition "Mission Terra: Global Goal Protocol", aimed at schools in the national territory of all levels was dedicated to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030. In 2020, the educational test was dedicated to Goal 4 of the United Nations Agenda 2030: Quality Education. 

The classes involved were asked to explore this Sustainable Development Go9al and create a free paper on the theme of the right to study in all its forms. 127 schools participated.

Lastly, also in 2020, was realized #Ambienteascuola, an awareness-raising campaign by AMSA and A2A, in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan, aimed at Milanese schools on the issues of separate waste collection and more generally on the development of environmental awareness, to contribute to the achievement of some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations. The project, extended to all first-grade secondary schools in the city, has seen the organization of 60 meetings with more than 1,000 participants, including teachers and ATA staff, and 1,700 kits distributed. The initiative included:

  • training meetings for teaching and non-teaching staff;
  • distribution to all classes involved of a kit consisting of containers for separate waste collection (paper/cardboard and plastic/metals), a brochure “Il nuovo valore delle cose” (The new value of things) and a poster “Dove lo butto” (Where do I throw it); 
  • creative contest “Un murale per l’ambiente” (A mural for the environment), which asked students to draw sketches for the creation of 3 murals on the themes of separate waste collection, climate change and food waste.

The contest saw the participation of 80 classes, presenting a total of 261 work. The three winning classes were offered an eco-design workshop, at the end of which the mural was created inside their school.

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