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Relational Capital

What is the Relational Capital for A2A?

The Relational Capital represents the company's ability to create relations with external stakeholders and share values in order to increase individual and collective wellbeing.

A2A for the customers

In 2018 A2A worked hard to raise awareness among its customers and the communities in which it operates on responsible and sustainable consumption. In 2018, in addition to new products and commercial services (eg Caldaia2a, Clima2a, Solare A2A, Casa Sicura, Perfetta2a), the commitment also materialized:

  • in the portfolio of offerings for the free market 100% certified green energy.
  • in the extension of the e-moving service in Bergamo, Cremona and Rovato .in proposing ESCO energy efficiency services for third parties.
  • in the definition of targeted communication campaigns to promote separate waste collection and new mobile collection points such as the Ecocar di Aprica or the Amsa mobile office.

E-moving (km travelled with zero emissions)

A2A produces and distributes value


millions of km travelled zero emissions thanks to e-moving service


million euro to the community in sponsorships, donations and contributions to theatres and foundations


billion euro ordered from suppliers, of which 91.6% Italian


people in vulnerable situations intercepted and supported with the call Doniamo Energia

A2A for environmental education

A2A is investing significantly in involving and raising the awareness of the new generations on issues relating to environmental education, with the aim of encouraging the growth of ecological awareness and encouraging conscious behaviour in the service of improving the quality of life in the territories. This has led to a number of initiatives and activities, aimed in particular at the world of school: lessons in class, guided tours of the facilities, seminars for teachers, competitions and educational exhibitions (for more information:

Guided tours of the offices and facilities take place throughout the year, always involving a great deal of interest. In 2018, participation grew further (+7%), with over 33,600 visitors, of whom 29,200 were students. Casa dell'Energia e dell'Ambiente in Milan remains the most visited site, with 7,800 entries recorded.

For the year 2018, the focus of A2A's proposals for schools was the "Missione terra" project, divided into several initiatives, such as events, a national educational test and the free distribution of a boxed game to all participating classes and those who visited the facilities of the group. The educational test "Missione terra – S.O.S.tieni il tuo pianeta", open to all primary and secondary schools of first grade, focused on issues of environmental sustainability, with a strong commitment to the protection of the planet earth . At the end of this course and of a school year full of educational moments on environmental issues, which involved over 60,000 participants including students and teachers throughout Italy, two important events were organized in Milan and Brescia.

Several specific projects have been also developed on the territories, such as:

  • “CIAK: L’AMBIENTE”, Continuation of the initiative in collaboration with MIC – Museo Interattivo del Cinema, a film festival on environmental sustainability, dedicated to primary and secondary schools of first and second grade. Last year, the second edition saw the participation of more than 750 young spectators in the 8 proposed appointments.
  • Il Gioco delle 4 R, The interactive educational exhibition Il Gioco delle 4 R, aimed at primary and secondary schools, focuses on the waste cycle. The game is a fun route that helps reflect on four keywords: reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery . The exhibition was held in Milan, in Casa dell'Energia dell'Ambiente, in three Municipal buildings and two schools (IC Galvani and IC Elsa Morante), involving a total of about 3,000 participants, with the program to continue its activities in other areas of the city. In April and May, the exhibition was hosted by the second educational club of Acerra (NA) with the participation of 25 classes and about 700 students.
  • “Maccheariachefa”, Created by the AEM Foundation, at Casa dell'Energia e dell'Ambiente in Milan, the Maccheariachefa exhibition uses art comics as a means of raising awareness of the issue of air quality. 1,400 students were involved in drawing workshops.
  • “La nostra energia per l’ambiente”, the television programme created in collaboration with Teletutto, with the contribution of the ASM Foundation and with the patronage of the Municipality of Brescia. The program involves 12 classes of primary and secondary schools in the city.

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