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Relational Capital

What is the relational capital for A2A?

The Relational Capital represents the company's ability to create relations with external stakeholders and share values in order to increase individual and collective wellbeing.

A2A for customers

In 2019 A2A worked also hard to raise awareness among its customers and the communities in which it operates on responsible and sustainable consumption.

In 2019, in addition to new products and commercial services (eg Più fotovoltaico, Energy Check-up), the commitment also materialized:

  • in the extension of the e-moving service Monfalcone and its strengthening in Bergamo, Cremona and Brescia
  • in the development of ESCo energy efficiency services for third parties
  • in the creation of targeted communication campaigns to promote separate collection such as "Small things only", aimed at reducing the phenomenon of improper use of street bins for household waste, or "Un sacco etnico" with the aim of explaining and removing any doubts regarding proper separate waste collection and division of waste of the Paolo Sarpi / Porta Venezia areas in Milan


km travelled with zero emissions

Number charges Electricity supplied

Some numbers of 2019


GWh of green energy sold


million euro of contributions to the community


aluminum water bottles given to students
of first grade secondary schools in Milan and Brescia, and to freshmen of the University of Brescia


people supported by the projects of the first “Doniamo Energia” call for proposals

A2A for environmental education

A2A is investing significantly in involving and raising the awareness of the new generations on issues relating to environmental education, with the aim of encouraging the growth of ecological awareness and encouraging conscious behaviour in the service of improving the quality of life in the territories. This has led to a number of initiatives and activities, aimed in particular at the world of school: lessons in class, guided tours of the facilities, seminars for teachers, competitions and educational exhibitions.

Among the new features for 2019,, the new portal aimed at teachers, which recounts all the free initiatives dedicated by A2A to schools, reaching all the areas where the Group operates in a more effective and widespread manner. On the portal, the teacher can select the initiatives of interest, choosing them according to the theme and the school degree of reference. Additional advantages are available by registering: book free guided tours to about 50 facilities, educational-museum venues and other routes, participate in exclusive live streaming webinars in the section with the possibility to interact with the speaker through chat, register your classes in a national merit contest, receive a dedicated newsletter. On the school portal, there are also tools that accompany the teacher in class teaching: in addition to free downloadable publications, short videos and other digital formats suitable for different age groups and usable with interactive whiteboards (in 2019, over 700 teachers signed up with the portal).

As for guided tours, in 2019, participation grew further (+16%), with 39,000 visitors, of whom 31,374 were students. Casa dell’Energia e dell’Ambiente in Milan remains the most visited site, with 7,000 entries recorded.

For the year 2019, the focus of A2A's proposals for schools was the “Missione Terra: Global Goal Protocol” project, aimed at schools in the country at all levels was dedicated to the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030. It involved the participation of 127 Italian schools, producing 390 works, with 12 winners, divided in the four school grades and awarded with vouchers for the purchase of teaching materials.

Finally, several specific projects have been developed on the territories, such as:

  • Action2Air”, project offered the 100 students of 2 second-grade secondary school institutes of Bergamo, the opportunity to actively engage in the "Bergamo Breathes" campaign, designing a "mangiasmog" (smog eating) mural (with photocatalytic paintings) created in May at the primary school De Amicis - Valli.
  • The Game of 4R”, the path created on the subject of waste and the circular economy, aimed at the primary and first-grade secondary schools of Milan (over 2,000 students).
  • La nostra energia per l’ambiente”, the historic television quiz in collaboration with Teletutto that has involved 300 students from primary and first-grade secondary schools in Brescia.

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