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Risk Management

Policy and sustainability plan

Circular economy


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Risk Management

To verify that the system used to identify, manage and prevent business risks adequately covers sustainability risks (and, in particular, social environmental risks), also in organisational terms

KPI 2018 2019 2024 plan objective
Specific Risk Intelligence system for ESG risks (progress) ongoing ongoing Finalize at 2022

Sustainable development goal


Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all


Performance 2019


risk scenarios of A2A Group, classified in according to the TCFD’s indications

> 80%

of material sustainability issues are linked to one or more risks identified in  Enterprise Risk management


of the Group employees were trained on  the Code of Ethics

Risk management


  • Created the “Open HSE” platform, a new tool that allows to all A2A Group’s employees to kept up to date on the impact that HSE – Environmental – Health and Safety issues have on their business and activities
  • Integration process of the TCFD (Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure) guidelines
  • Carried out the mapping of the risks and opportunities connected to the topics in the Group's materiality matrix
  • Developing of “weather derivatives” project for the mitigation of climate change risk, that correlate volumes sold and day degrees
  • Definition of an Energy Risk Policy that regulates the possible change in the price of this and all energy commodities

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