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Tecnological innovation and smart cities

Optimization of the Group competences and know-how through research and development activities that stimulate a continuous evolution of services and infrastructures, contributing towards the development and creation of the Smart City of the future, which integrates all energy, environment, water, heat, networks and optic fibre services in a single centre.

Performance 2018


 electricity and gas consumers


smart lamppost poles with 25 sets of environmentalsensors are installed


smart squares were built in the suburbs of the city of Bergamo.


A2A support the development of smart city services in 28 municipalities in the province of Brescia 

Innovazione sostenibile


  • An experiment to develop predictive analyses on the spatial and temporal occurence of gas leaks was launched in the Municipality of Concesio 
  • Launch of the internal program Innova2a to collect stimuli and ideas from the outside and from the internal dialogue between the different funtions and BU. 7 project have successfully passed the test phase
  • An advanced remote control plan and automation of the secondary substations
  • Digitalization of the internal processes: digital management of the warehouses of the generation plants, smart accesses, digital expenses claim


Circular Economy
Smartness in networks and services
People innovation

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Sustainable Development Goal