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250 young graduates working for developing new ideas

This projects, which was launched in 2014, aims to create a virtuous circle of innovation which leverages collective intelligence for generating applied ideas.
This initiative gives voice to young people and involves them in the future of the Group, driving them to be the inventors of innovative projects to be developed within the company.



Teambuilding, working in groups, sharing. These three fundamental concepts were at the core of the time dedicated to strengthening relationships among colleagues and stimulating an exchange of skill sets. 
The days set aside for the Information and Communication Technology staff members stressed the importance of the role of the “person”, even in the more technological projects. 


The annual convention dedicated tot he People of the Reti e Calore Business Unit: a new communication approach and the sharing of results and objectives make this fixture a key stage for building up a team spirit.
This initiative is also a precious occasion for tackling the main working challenges and to present the current projects.