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The lack of natural resources, and the growing need to safeguard our ecosystem, make the move to an economy that allows for environmentally sustainable growth all the more critical. The keyword is “circular economy”. A system in that reuses, repairs, shares, and recycles what can be recouped, and converts what cannot be salvaged into energy. In the logic of the circular economy, the circle closes by transforming waste into resources to be returned to the territory.

We join that unending pursuit of value. We design, create, and manage collection systems and services, as well as those systems used to select, process, and salvage materials and energy through to the final disposal of the remaining scraps. Each material takes its own path, wending its way through different processes, within dedicated processing plants. But the departure point is the same for all of them: careful recycling.

Our “circular economy” model aims to improve people's quality of life. It becomes manifest, amongst other ways, in the efficient management of the entire water cycle in a city. We are constantly making investments to ensure that our integrated water networks (aqueducts, sewers, and purification) stay efficient, and to ensure continuity and excellence in the service as provided.

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