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New energies

Urban lifestyle will be increasingly conditioned by this paradigm shift in energy use, through services and solutions for sustainable development, and the energy-savings efforts by community members and businesses.

The conventional model, with its large-scale energy production and attendant absorption of this energy within the city, is undergoing a profound change. The city of the future will play a larger role in the process of generating energy. Individuals, businesses, communities and condominium associations will be in a position to generate the energy they need independently. What’s more, they will be able to exchange it, and to transfer it for other uses, such as electric transport. We will therefore be contributing in a proactive way to the electrical system.

The use of renewable energy, and the implementation of technologies allowing for energy savings, are crucial elements in the shift toward sustainable technologies to which we have committed ourselves.

We offer energy solutions for the home, the office, and for electric modes of transport. We supply electricity, natural gas, and services to families, apartment buildings, as well as to professionals, SMEs, and to major industrial players. We offer consultancy that is grounded in trust, convenience and transparency. Our focus is on energy efficiency, sustainability, and the digital frontier.

And this does not just involve energy: what we offer ranges from air conditioning to boilers, from LED lighting kits to photovoltaic systems, from electric modes of transport to providing heat remotely, and heat-management services such as energy audits and technological retrofitting. We handle regulatory compliance, and identify those technical solutions ensure safety, environmental protection, and cost containment.

Comfort and quality of life at home, at work, and in the city.