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Smart city

The challenge of sustainable, competitive, and secure development in urban areas and across the region requires an integrated approach based on new technologies, with the goal of providing solutions and services.

Smart cities are intelligent cities, where the citizens are the engines for change and transformation in their community, through a lens of digital and smart experimentation, aimed at improving quality of life. Smart cities are born out of a vision for the territory, but they take root thanks to active participation by individuals and by communities, through the intelligent intersection, and interconnection, of technology, data, not to mention ideas and projects.

Network infrastructure, sensors, LED, and recharging stations for electrical vehicles are the means through which to offer increasingly cutting-edge services. New technologies allow us to distribute new services, to be sure, but they also allow for existing ones to be improved, by linking them to the new ones. They allow for valuable information on consumer and business usage to be collected, and allow for ideas to be shared, and problems reported, creating shared value.

We can thus create a new model of city, which offers innovative solutions in a number of different settings, from telecommunications to video surveillance (for our security), from data centres to monitoring natural-gas and water use, making buildings more efficient, and alerting drivers to car-park occupancy, smart lighting (both street lighting and architectural lighting) and electric mobility, even for remote monitoring of rubbish-bin levels.

We work hard every day to ensure our natural heritage has a future as well, as well as the historic trades and crafts that have long been the hallmark of our territory. We bring innovation to agriculture, to street infrastructure, and the security for the same, to monitoring river levels and storm-sewer networks and the weather, falling rock and landslides, park services, LED lighting, and tourist services.

The Cities of Tomorrow: a new perspective.