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The Company

With over 12,000 employees, A2A is the largest Italian multiutility, at the leading edge for over ten years in services throughout the territory and technological solutions, with more than one hundred years of history and experience. We design smart and sustainable cities in respect of the individual, we are key players in the energy transition and employ the principle of the circular economy in all our activities. With a far-reaching strategic plan, we manage the generation, sale and distribution of electricity and gas, district heating, waste collection and recovery, electric mobility, public lighting and the integrated water service.
The results for the 2019 financial year report an EBITDA of 1.23 billion euros, a Net Profit of 389 million euros (+13%) and investments totalling 627 million euros, up by roughly 25% compared to 2018. These results confirm our commitment to building a new multi-utility model that is highly integrated in the local areas.


Data Update with Report on Operation at 31 dicember 2019.


Dimension of the organisation(*)  2019
Revenues (million €) 7,324
Gross operating income (million€) 1,234
Net result (million€ 687
Net debt (million€) -3,154
Total equity attributable to the Group and minorities (mln€) 3,651
Dividend (€ per share) 0.0775
Average market capitalisation (million€) 5,011
A2A people 12,196
Installed capacity (GW) 9
Electricity produced (GWh) 20,191
Heat distributed with district heating (GWht) 3,230
Waste treated (ktonnes) 3,340
Electricity distributed (GWh) 11,735
Gas distributed (Mcm) 2,963
Water distributed (Mcm) 78

Data Update with Report on Operation at 31 dicember 2019



Our Goals



We aim to be a Group capable of providing cities with essential services that meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency due to their sustainability, optimal relationship with the local community and openness to change.

Our strategy aims to develop a repositioning process that will result in a more modern multi-utility, a leader in the environment, smart grids and new energy models that is more balanced, profitable and capable of seizing the opportunities that will be presented by the green economy and smart cities.

Our values

At A2A, we believe in INNOVATION, to build a future made of ideas, research, technology and to face each new challenge with courage.

We work on SUSTAINABILITY, committing ourselves to minimizing the impact of our actions on the environment and ensuring a sustainable future for future generations.

We encourage PARTECIPATION, putting people at the heart of what we do and promoting listening, collaboration and sharing of all the experiences that allow us to grow.

We have RESPONSABILITY, which we translate into a commitment to generate value for the future, keeping our promises and accounting for our actions with transparency.

We strive for EXCELLENCE every day, exploiting our expertise to the full with commitment and determination, to ensure the highest quality standards and the certainty of being, even today, right by your side.

We have established professional relationships with all our stakeholders based on RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS and fundamental guarantees recognised by national and supranational laws to all mankind.





Your city is our city

A2A is a constant and vital presence in every home, as it is in the city.

That's why we chose to portray the businesses, strategies and values of the Group through the comfort, innovation and efficiency that we bring to people's lives every day.  Ideally, the portrayal will cover an entire day in the Citya2a, with a sequence of little stories and everyday acts.

People are at the centre of every scene. Because efficiency, the environment, mobility and new technologies are abstract concepts until they actually help improve people's lives.