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Group Profile

With a workforce of around 13,500 employees*, we are today the major Italian multiutility, a company which looks at its future with skill and responsibility, thanks to a business model based on diversification and synergy across its activities.


Our Group is the second national energy producer (with a production mix oriented to renewable sources which provide 36%* of the generated energy), the second operator on the electricity distribution grids and one of the leaders on natural gas and water networks.


We are also leaders on the Italian market of environmental services and district heating, which are deeply integrated one to the other, with a procedure for producing energy which is increasingly environmentally driven. A2A Ambiente plays a key role in this scenario, this company was incorporated in 2013 and is the result of the past experiences and of the skills gathered by A2A in the environmental industry, in Italy and abroad.


Data Update with Report on Operation at 31 dicember 2016.


(*)The following data includes the acquisition of LGH group:


13,494 Employees

35.6%  Proportion of electricity produced from renewable sources






Our Mission

The figures for year 2016, which include the effects of the consolidation over five months of the new LGH group, show an EBITDA exceeding 1.23 EUR billions, increasing by more than 17.5% over the previous year (1.05 EUR billions in 2015), a Profit before taxes of EUR 354 millions (EUR 76 millions in year 2015) and Investments for a total of around EUR 424 millions increasing by 23%. These results confirm our commitment to build a new model of multiutility which is strongly integrated in the territories.


We aim to be a Group able to provide to cities basic services characterised by the highest quality and efficiency standards, thanks to sustainability, enhancement of the territory and attitude to change.


Our strategy aims to develop a repositioning path which in 2020 will deliver a more modern multiutility, which will be the a leading company in environment, smart networks and new energy models, more balanced and profitable, capable to seize the future opportunities in Green Economy and Smart Cities.



Dimension of the organisation(*)  2016

Revenues (million €)


Gross operating income (million€)


Net result (million€)


Net debt (million€)


Total equity attributable to the Group and minorities (mln€)


Dividend (€ per share)

0,0492 (**)

Average market capitalisation (million€)


A2A people


Installed capacity (GW)


Electricity produced (GWh)


Heat distributed with district heating (GWht)


Waste treated (ktonnes)


Electricity distributed (GWh)


Gas distributed (Mcm)


Water distributed (Mcm)


Data Update with Report on Operation at 31 dicember 2016

(*) Includes EPCG
(**) dividend proposed by the Board of Directors



Our values

We work on SUSTAINABILITY, spending our best efforts in minimizing the environmental impact of our Group and dreaming to give a better tomorrow for future generations.

We create PARTICIPATION, focusing on people and enhancing the listening, the collaboration and the sharing of all the experiences which make us grow.

We have RESPONSIBILITY, which we translate in our commitment to generate value for the future, keep our promise and account for our actions in a transparent manner.

We seek EXCELLENCE every single day, capitalizing our skills with commitment and determination, to guarantee the highest quality standards and sure to be, also today, close to you.