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Covd-19 - ESG Initiatives

Following Covid-19 outbreak in February 2020, A2A launched many initiatives to support our employees, our customers and the local communities hit by the pandemic. Here is a list with the most relevant ones.

For the Employees

As of March 2020

  • Crisis committees and Plan/li>
  • Enhancement of IT and security resources
  • Extension of Smart Working

As of April 2020

  • Centralized management of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Insurance scheme and extension of welfare
  • Safety and prevention
  • Thermal scanners and habitable containers near the main plants
  • Online training courses and new virtual spaces of social interaction
  • Prompt tracking – Rapid testing as of October

For the Customers

As of March 2020

  • Close engagement with ARERA, government and other stakeholders
  • High quality standards of customers service maintained
  • Full time operating service for clients (call center and web channel)
  • More digitalization for the interaction with clients and billing

From March to May 2020

  • Suspension of supply cuts and payment reminders
  • No penalties for payment delays
  • Flexibility of payment schedules and methods for clients in difficulty

As of May 2020

  • Management of the opening of customer front-offices with safety standards

For the Community

As of March 2020

  • Strong effort for boosting street cleaning and disinfection
  • >2M€ donations for the emergency to the Lombardy territory
  • A2A Smart City in cooperation with Italian Civil Protection providing sensors for first aid activities

As of April 2020

  • Microfinancing for hospitals and community initiatives to support vulnerable families
  • Production of valves for emergency masks in Cavaglià treatment plant