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Press release - A2A S.P.A.: Board of Directors

Milan,  May  14,  2020  -  The  Board  of  Directors  of  A2A  S.p.A.  appointed  by  the Shareholders' Meeting of May 13, 2020 met today for the first time under the chairmanship of Marco Emilio Angelo Patuano.

The Board appointed Renato Mazzoncini as Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of the Company. 

The Board entrusted the Chairman, in coordination with the Chief Executive Officer, as far as  the  latter  is  concerned,  with  the  task  of  handling  institutional  relations and related external  relations,  as  well  as  promoting  extraordinary  territorial  aggregation  operations. The Chief Executive Officer and General Manager were granted extensive powers for the ordinary management and for the preparation of proposals for extraordinary operations of the Company. 

At  the  same  meeting,  the  Board  also  evaluated:  (i)  that  the  non-executive  directors Stefania  Bariatti,  Vincenzo  Cariello,  Luigi  De  Paoli,  Gaudiana  Giusti, Christine Perrotti, Secondina   Giulia   Ravera   and   Maria   Grazia   Speranza   meet   the   independence requirements  of  art.148  TUF  and  art.  3  of  the  Corporate Governance Code;  (ii)  that  the non-executive directors Giovanni Comboni - Deputy Chairman and Fabio Lavini meet the independence requirements of art. 148 TUF. 

All  standing  members  of  the  Board  of  Statutory  Auditors,  Giacinto  Gaetano  Sarubbi  - Chairman,  Maurizio  Leonardo  Lombardi  and  Chiara  Segala,  meet  the independence requirements of art. 148 TUF and art. 3 of the Corporate Governance Code. 

The  Board  of  Directors  also  set  up  the  following  three  committees,  appointing  their members as follows: 

Audit  and  Risk  Committee:  Luigi  De  Paoli  (Chairman),  Federico  Maurizio  d’Andrea, Gaudiana Giusti and Christine Perrotti; 

Appointments  and  Remuneration  Committee:  Secondina  Giulia  Ravera  (Chairman), Stefania Bariatti and Giovanni Comboni; 

Sustainability  and  Territory  Committee:  Marco  Emilio  Angelo  Patuano  (Chairman), Vincenzo Cariello, Fabio Lavini and Maria Grazia Speranza. 


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