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People innovation




Promote innovative solutions for economically and environmentally sustainable business, to attract talent, increase transparency and improve the dialogue with stakeholders, actively contributing to community welfare and improved working conditions


Some 2030 targets

  • 100% of executives with sustainability MbO and employees evaluated on CSR parameters (to be reached as early as 2020)
  • 20% penetration of smart working among employees in a systematic way, for roles to which it is applicable
  • 25% reduction in the weighted injury index (frequency index x severity index), already in 2020, compared to the average 2013-2015

Sustainability plan 2016-2020


Action 2020 Target KPIs Progress towards 2016 kpis

Responsible procurement

Reaching 50% of qualified suppliers in the register with sustainability requirements Qualified suppliers with sustainability requirements (% of the total) 23%
Carry out 4,000 inspections of road worksites Inspections of road worksites (number) 1,406
Health and safety 25% reduction of the weighted accident rate (frequency index x severity index) compared to the average for 2013-2015 (25.69) Weighted accident rate 30.7
MbO Reaching 100% of executives with Sustainability MbO Executives with Sustainability MbO (% of the total) 33%
Welfare Reaching 20% of employees involved in smart working projects, for roles where  it is applicable, in a systematic manner Employees involved in smart working projects  (% of total applicable roles) 5%
Stakeholder engagement Develop 15 territorial workshops, from which 30 actions should ensue Number of works developed (forumAscolto) 2
Number of ensuing actions 6


More Targets