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A2A has published its  ninth document on sustainability performances, its first Integrated report, written following the Integrated Reporting Framework (IR Framework), drafted by the  International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). The document refers to the «Sustainability Reporting Guidelines G4» from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Electric Utilities Sector Supplement – G4 Standard Disclosure. The cohesion with the principles of the Integrated Report implicates the objective to show how the Company creates value in time. It has been decided to give our report a structure that follows the logic of Capitals, that are the variables  that determine value creation.

Through the analisys  of the  Capitals  that influence  and are influenced by Group’s Activities, A2A wants to clearly communicate the necessary and  existing integration  among economic, social and environmental aspects within the decision making process, but also within strategy definition, governance and business model.




Sustainability Performance 2014 2015 2016

Gross global value added

(mln €)

1,392 1,263 1,634

Environmental investment

(mln €)

100.4 96.1 58.5

Orders placed with Italian suppliers

(% of total)

96,5% 98% 97%

Electricity produced from renewable sources

(% of total)

51,7% 36% 35,6%

CO2 emissions - Scope 1

(mln tonnes)

5.97 7.59 6.98

CO2 avoided thanks to Group's technologies

(mln tonnes)

2.80 1.71 2.40

Waste processed by Group's plants

(mln tonnes)

2.65 2.72 2.59

Municipal waste collected sent to energy or material recovery

(% of total)

97,5% 98,9% 98,9%
Visitors to the Group plants 22,500 17,690 21,000
Average training hours per person 14.9 14.5 16.8
Severity accident index 0.88 0.78 0.86


Materiality matrix



Materiality is the relevance of a specific  theme for an enterprise and its stakeholder. In 2016 the materiality matrix of the Group has been updated.

To measure the importance of a theme for stakeholders many evaluations  coming from several sources have been taken into consideratiom: a survey promoted in January 2017 through an online questionnaire distributed to all the stakeholders that have partecipated to all forumAscolto (nearly120 people); the proofs emerged from Bergamo and Valtellina-Valchiavenna forums; the database analisys of stakeholder engagement activities of the year. To measure the relevance for A2A, the different themes have been evaluated by management/societies of the Group through a survey distributed during the annual kick-off meeting for 2016 Report activities, held in December 2016.

The final analisys has allowed to define 23 themes that entail the six Capitals and the Governance of the Group.


2016 Materiality matrix

Local sustainability reports

A2A started the path to get close to the territories, by extending its model for stakeholder involvement with multistakeholder “listening” forum and by preparing local Sustainability Reports.

To date 4 forums have been completed.

  • Forum Ascolto - Brescia, which was held in Brescia on 08 June 2015. It was attended by 40 different stakeholders, based on their ability to give a contribution to the study of the needs of the territory and for generating ideas. The round tables produced 19 ideas, of which 5 was judged to have the highest impact and relevance n terms of sustainability and alignment with the objectives set in the Business Plan, and they will be therefore implemented.
  • Forum Ascolto - Valtellina and Valchiavenna, which was held in Grosio on 25 February 2016. It was attended by 29 external stakeholders. The day allowed the stakeholders to interact in order to identify the most relevant matters for the territory which are connected with A2A’s operations. The discussion led to nine project ideas, among which A2A will identify the projects to be implemented during the next months.
  • Forum Ascolto - Bergamo, which was held in Bergamo, at the Kilometro Rosso headquarters, on 04 July 2016. It was attended by 44 stakeholders who worked in four round tables. The round tabled proposed 7 initiatives which are under assessment.
  • Forum Ascolto - Milan, which was held at Spazio Base in Milan on 30 January 2017. It was attended by 39 stakeholders, who, together with A2A, discussed ideas and solutions for the metropolis of the future. The stakeholders worked in 4 focus groups (smart city, urban regeneration, environmental culture and circular economy). 9 projects ideas were produced and are currently under assessment.

As part of the communications campaign "Varese manca poco" - aimed at achieving 65% waste sorting - a program has been developed for listening to and engaging stakeholders in and around Varese. The main target are those user categories deemed crucial to achieving the objective: Condominium managers, businesses and individuals residing in the city centre, foreigners' associations, schools. Two meetings have been held for each user category. At those meetings, actions for improvement were selected and shared and will be implemented over the coming months.

The reporting of the forums and of the economic, environmental and social performance of the Group is carried out through the local Sustainability Reports, which are prepared after each forum and are updated on an annual basis.