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Integrated report

The publication of the sustainability report for the A2A group represents an expected annual appointment, which allows us to get in touch with our stakeholders, analyze and recount the commitment and attention we dedicate to issues related to economic, environmental and social sustainability. This document, which since last year has also been the consolidated non-financial statement of the Group pursuant to Legislative Decree 254/16 (NFD), has taken on various forms and names, but continues to be drawn up according to rigorous and internationally shared standards and methodologies, in particular the Integrated Reporting Framework and the International Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative.

The report this year includes, in an initial section and in its Supplement, also the results and activities of the ACSM-AGAM group, formed in July 2018, following an aggregation project that includes the main Lombard public utilities (ACSM- AGAM S.p.A., ASPEM S.p.A., AEVV S.p.A., AEVV Energie S.r.l., Lario Reti Holding S.p.A., Acel Service S.r.l., Lario Reti Gas S.r.l. and A2A S.p.A.), with the aim of making optimal use, through the “Multiutility of Territories” model, of the wealth of skills and deep roots in the local community.

Also this year, our commitments and improvement actions have been defined in the Sustainability Plan, updated with the new time horizon 2019-2023 and integrated into the Group’s Business Plan. The document is based on the four pillars of our 2030 Sustainability Policy, which refers to the 2030 Agenda
of the UN, consisting of 17 objectives (Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs).

We want the document to remain a privileged opportunity for dialogue, challenging ourselves and looking to the future, starting from today's clear vision.




Sustainability Performance 2016 2017 2018

Gross global value added

(mln €)

1,634 1,655 1,814

Environmental investment

(mln €)

58.5 78,1 113.5

Orders placed with Italian suppliers

(% of total)

97% 95% 92%

Electricity produced from renewable sources

(% of total)

35,6% 25% 31%

CO2 emissions - Scope 1

(mln tonnes)

6.98 8.06 7.64

CO2 avoided thanks to Group's technologies

(mln tonnes)

2.40 2.54 2.82

Waste processed by Group's plants

(mln tonnes)

2.59 3.36 3.55

Municipal waste collected sent to energy or material recovery

(% of total)

98,9% 99% 99,7%
Visitors to the Group plants 21,000 31,300 33,600
Average training hours per person 16.8 18.7 20.3
Severity accident index 0.86 0.82 0.71


Materiality matrix

By materiality we mean the relevance of a theme for an organisation and its stakeholders.

Listening to the needs of the community and responding to their needs and expectations is the basis for realizing the concept of sustainability. The aim is to generate and distribute value in a harmonious and lasting way, reconciling the interests of the Group and its stakeholders. A2A has identified its main stakeholder categories, for which it is interesting to note that the main stakeholders often assume a dual role, for example: the Municipalities in which the Group operates also act as shareholders; the institutions it faces are also customers; citizens (and therefore communities), in turn, represent the greatest service users; within the category of customers are also employees and suppliers.

To measure the importance for stakeholders, the assessments were considered as emerging from:
a survey carried out by Ipsos which involved citizens, customers, suppliers, institutions, the media, political movements, environmental associations, trade associations and consumer associations;
an online questionnaire given to employees with positions of responsibility between November and December 2018 (about 500 respondents out of 1,100 sent);
the evidence that emerged from the forumAscolto in the territories;
the analysis of the database of the engagement initiatives carried out during the year.

To measure the importance for A2A, an online questionnaire was sent to the first lines of the company. The results of the analysis were then presented to the Sustainability and Territory Committee and approved at the meeting of the A2A Board of Directors on December 20, 2018, which approved the matrix.

The analysis has therefore allowed stakeholders and top management to assess, on a scale from 1 to 5 (where 1 identifies a topic as irrelevant and 5 as strategic), 21 issues that embrace the 6 Capitals and the Group's governance system.

2018 Materiality matrix

Local sustainability reports

Between the end of 2017 and during 2018, two new stages were added to the forumAscolto programme, created in 2015 to consolidate the Group's ties with the communities in which it operates and to actively involve stakeholders in the generation of ideas to be implemented in the area, and which over time has touched the realities of Brescia, Bergamo, Valtellina- Valchiavenna and Milan:

  • Udine and Gorizia. The initiative realized in December 2017 led to the launch, on March 1, 2018, of the call to action "creiAMO FVG", with the aim of promoting business projects in line with the needs of local communities, trying to provide a new impetus to the region's sustainable tourism sector. On June 27, 2018, during the "Conoscenza in festa" event in Udine, the winning projects were announced:
    • for the province of Udine, the project "Albergo diffuso Sauris" won, which provides for the organization of experiential activities to be carried out in the lake basin of Sauris, through the use of canoes, kayaks and electric boats, combined with other cultural experiences and the discovery of local food products;
    • for the province of Gorizia, the project "ISONZO: il fiume ed i suoi borghi – una storia su 2 ruote“ (the river and its villages – a story on two wheels) won, which aims to promote tourism along the Isonzo basin through the use of bicycles, developing tourist packages with more days and making use of collaborations with local tour operators and with other local companies.

In addition to financial support, these entrepreneurial ideas were guaranteed a light incubation path for the development of the project, which ended in December

  • Piedmont. On November 22, the forumAscolto Piemonte was held, in which 29 representatives of Piedmont's civil society (associations, customers, suppliers, local administrations, etc.) took part, during which the important issues for A2A and its territorial stakeholders were discussed. At the end of the initiative, A2A undertook to launch a new call for ideas to support initiatives capable of creating shared value and aimed at the sustainable development of the Piedmont region, linked to the development of renewable energy sources and innovative forms of communication on sustainability issues. The call was opened on February 1 and, also in this case (as in the case of Friuli Venezia Giulia participants), the winners will be guaranteed, in addition to financial support for a total of up to 50,000 euro, a light incubation path for the development of their project idea, in collaboration with a local incubator.

At the same time, work continued on the realization of projects selected after the Milan forum, held in January 2017. In particular:

  • Urban Decor: in November 2018, the awareness campaign was started for dog owners and all the citizens of Milan, entitled "VERI AMICI?" (REAL FRIENDS?). To support this activity, the installation of new bins with free dispensers of bags and ashtrays in the dog areas is nearing completion.
  • Food waste: with the support of A2A and AMSA, in 10 open municipal markets, the Bancarella di Recup (Recuperation Stand) has been set up, where unsold fruit, vegetables and bread are donated to those in need.
  • Public and municipal lighting: an installation plan for 1,500 new LED lighting points is being implemented, in addition to the 1,200 already renovated between 2017 and 2018, for a total investment of 8.6 million euro.
  • Smart mobility: the INFORETI smartphone app was created, which allows making reports, receiving information and updates on Unareti sites.

The reporting of the forum and the Group’s performance in the economic, environmental and social sphere takes place through Local Sustainability Reports, which are implemented after each forum and updated annually, and through the platform To date, the Territorial Sustainability Reports prepared
are those of Brescia, Valtellina-Valchiavenna, Bergamo, Milan, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Piedmont. The 2017 editions contain a significant addition, i.e. a description of the contribution to the achievement of the UN sustainable development objectives specific to the territory and, to make the report even more effective and immediately understandable, a different formula has been adopted than in the past, focusing on the web.