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Growth of Group in circular economy sector continues

Milan, 5 January 2021 - A2A has signed an agreement to take over 27.7% of Saxa Gres’ share capital. The business group headquartered in Anagni, Frosinone, was established in 2015 to introduce circular economy principles into the ceramics manufacturing sector.  

In fact, Saxa Gres S.p.A. is the first Circular Factory to create urban flooring (GRESTONE®) using an innovative ‘end of waste’ process that enables materials, such as the ash produced by waste-to-energy plants, to be recovered from the waste cycle and reused to make a new product.

Thanks to this process, a virtuous cycle can be triggered which largely avoids material consumption or, worse still, using landfills for disposal.
A2A's entry into Saxa Gres’ share capital is an excellent example of a partnership between a utility and the manufacturing sector, and provides a foundation for further development in the environmental field.

"This deal is another step forward in our journey of growth in the environmental sector and a significant development opportunity for the management of the entire waste cycle - declared Renato Mazzoncini, A2A CEO - Our experience and leadership in the treatment and recovery of materials and energy allows our Group to efficiently combine circular economy and production processes to serve the community and protect the environment".  

Francesco Borgomeo, President and CEO of Saxa Gres, also showed great satisfaction: "sustainability research, development, and innovation are the future for every company that wants to play a leading role in the market. We made an early start and a company like A2A entering into our share capital highlights the extraordinary growth potential of a circular economy in the world of urban paving and waste treatment".

The acquisition is expected to be finalised by the end of the first quarter of 2021, subject to fulfilling certain conditions precedent.


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