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Investor Guidebook Kit

A2A Investor Guidebook provides a concise and thorough insight in the A2A Group. The publication is in the form of a long presentation divided into four main parts: About A2A, Our Strategy e Our Responsibilities, A2A Shareholders. The selected contents are all publicly available information, which you may find spread across a large number of Company documents – Annual and Quarterly Reports/Press Releases, Integrated Report, Corporate Governance Report, Remuneration Report, presentations and website.

The Guidebook kit has been designed as an aid to financial analysts and investors. It is a system made up by:

  • Investor Guidebook
  • Investor Databook, an excel file organized in two parts, including respectively:
  1. the historical economic, financial and operational company data as of 2008 – on annual and quarterly basis, and the tables published in the Investor Guidebook mainly relevant to a quantitative analysis (Investor Guidebook Index)
  2. the economic, financial and operational data useful for  building  A2A earnings model – in depth, 2019 FY reported and 2020-24 Business Plan highlights 

Investor Guidebook archives