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In this section, you can:

  •     know  the tenders published and request to participate in competitions;
  •     Ask to become a supplier of  A2A Group:
    • requesting to be qualified on the European Qualification Systems;
    • requesting to be qualified on Supplier’s Portal.

A2A Group is based on  legality, fairness, impartiality and independence principles in relationships with its suppliers.

Suppliers are selected considering quality certification, environmental impact, health and safety of workers.
Tender is the main tool to obtain a purchase order. Public tender are published on “ Gazzetta Ufficiale”, on newspapers, and also  on this website.

For the other kind of tender ( not public), suppliers are invited through an invitation letter requesting the submission of the offer which may be economic or techno-economic.

An increasing proportion of the tender is published with e-procurement tools: in 2015 more than 1,400 events for approximately 80% of the total number.

Suppliers Portal

Suppliers Portal is the one way of connection between a2a and the companies who wants  to cooperate with the Group.
Through Suppliers Portal, in fact, it’s possible:

  • to request  to be qualified on on Suppliers Portal and to manage the renewals of expiring qualifications;
  • to participate to online tenders;
  • to  obtain authorization of subcontracts for contracts already signed.



Suppliers Portal login


Systems published here are only intended to offer Suppliers wider and more timely information, the same does not replace in any way officially published documents, to which it is always necessary to apply to participate in tenders.



European qualification systems

This section contains the European Qualification Systems currently active for the A2A Group companies.

Systems published here are only intended to offer suppliers a wider and more timely information, it does not replace any official published material, which is always necessary to refer to participate in the competition.



Supplier Qualification

A2A has established an evaluation process that allows, to  the potential suppliers, to obtain the qualification needed to participate to the tenders of the Group.
The qualification system is open to all interested companies and ensures the maintenance of the updated list of suppliers to be consulted, at the discretion of A2A, for invitations to tenders for works, supplies and services.


General conditions (ITALIAN VERSION ONLY)

TenP - Sustainable Supply Chain Self-Assessment Platform

A2A, as a partner of working group “ Sustainable Supply Chain” of  Global Compact Network Italy Group Foundation, is involved in the development of “TENP Platform”, created by “Global Compact Network Italy Foundation” to support ,the member companies, to a sustainable management of their supply chain.

All suppliers are invited to fill in the "Self-Assessment Questionnaire of  Sustainability Performance” on: TenP Platform

To be supported for the filling in the questionnaire, you can write to  (to be used exclusively for support to complete the questionnaire).

Old platform’s login

You can use the following link to see the tenders published  before the start of the new Suppliers Portal:


A2A's Tenders Platform


AMSA's Tenders Platform