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Privacy policy

Policy of the Site

Please find below the methods of site management and also the information under art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 “Personal Data Protection Code”, with reference to the processing of personal data of the users who access the address www.a2a.euand its sub-domains: this information is provided also for all the websites of A2a S.p.A. and for the Foundations of the A2A Group, but not to other possible sites consulted by users through link. 

Purpose of the processing and type of processed data

Navigation data are collected from the IT systems and software procedures which govern the operation of this site. Said information is not collected to allow any subsequent identification of the user, but the data are used for the sole purpose of collecting anonymous statistical information on the use of the site and to control its correct operation: this category includes IP data, together with the domain names of the computers that connect to the site and are operated by the users, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the numeric code indicating the state of reply given by the server (successful, error etc.) and other parameters regarding the operating system and the browser operated by the user.

The data which are voluntarily provided by the users through the menus of this site (such as, for example, the submission of a curriculum vitae or a query for information) are processed only for the purpose of performing the requested service. Said data may be used by the competent authorities to ascertain responsibility in case of computer crimes against the site.

As regards to certain services, the provided data may be, subject to consent by the concerned person, employed by the Data Controller also for the purpose of providing information and update on the offered services, performing sales or placement of products and services and carrying out market studies and researches.



When the user accesses to or interacts with this website, the latter may employ cookies to ensure the operation of the offered services and improve the performance.



Cookies are small text strings (usual formed by letters and numbers) which enable a website to recognize a specific device or browser: in fact, said text files are sent by a website to the browser which the user employs for his surfing, and are then stored in his device (e.g. Computers, Tablets, Smart phones, etc.) and sent back to the website itself during the next visit by the user.

Please find below the types and the features of the cookies sent to the terminal of the user during the surfing on this website.

  • Proprietary or first party cookies: cookies placed by the operator of the website which is visited by the user.
  • Third party cookies: cookies placed by the operator of a different website through the website which is visited by the user.
  • Technical Cookies: they are proprietary cookies which are employed with the sole purpose to “carry out the transmission of a communication on an electronic communication network, or to the extent strictly necessary for the provider of a service of the company of the information explicitly required by the contracting party or by the user to supply such service” (art. 122 Legislative Decree 196/2003).
    Said cookies may be classified as:
    - navigation or session cookies, which ensure the normal navigation and use of the website;
    - analytics cookies, which are similar to technical cookies if employed for collecting information, in aggregated form, on the number of users and on the way they visit the website itself;
    - functional cookies, which enable the navigation to the use in function of certain selected criteria (e.g. Language setting) in order to improve the provided service.
    No consent by the user is required for placing and using technical cookies.
  • Third party profiling cookies: these cookies are intended to create profiles concerning the user and which are employed with the purpose to send advertising messages aligned with the preferences expressed by the user during his web surfing. Said cookies are placed, through this website, by third party entities, such as Facebook, twitter, linkedin, google and youtube. No consent by the user is required for placing and using the third party profiling cookies.

Please find below the links to the privacy information and the consent forms of said third parties:



Please find below the links to the privacy information and the consent forms made available by Google for the Google Analytics cookies:

Third party analytics cookies can be deactivated by clicking on the following link:

It is also possible to manage/deactivate said cookies by changing the settings of the browser. Most browsers allow, actually, to set rules for activating or deactivating all or only part of the sent cookies.
The below links provide the instructions for deactivating cookies in the main browsers:






However, the Data Controller would like to point out that the deactivation of cookies may worsen the overall surfing experience of the user.

The guidelines of the Italian Data Protection Watchdog (Garante Privacy) on cookies are available at the following address


Password and user safety

Certain services offered in the Website may require, due to confidentiality and safety reasons, a registration procedure; in this case the user shall create his own access code (password) which will be required, together with the user-id, for accessing to the protected services. The user can change his password in any moment by following the instructions provided by the system. Furthermore, the user will be solely responsible for keeping the secrecy and the confidentiality on his user-id and/or password. The user shall assume the sole responsibility for any his activity within the scope of the services and shall undertake to immediately notify to the Data Controller at the email address any unauthorised use by third parties of his access credential and any other safety breach he may become aware of; he shall furthermore undertake to indemnify and hold the Data Controller Harmless against any claim or threat connected to or arising from the use or the abuse of his participation to the services.


Links to other web sites

The web pages of this site host hyper textual connections (links) pointing to other web sites, which are proposed in order to provide a better service to its users; the Data Controller cannot in any way be held responsible for the contents of the sites to which the users may possibly access through the its own site.
The existence of a link to another site does not therefore imply any approval or acceptance of responsibility on the part of the Data Controller as regards the contents of the new site which is accessed also as regards the policy adopted for the personal data processing, together with its use.


Mode of processing

The processing is carried out by using electronic instruments and, in certain cases paper support: to safeguard the data from being destroyed or lost, even accidentally, and to prevent non authorised access or disclosure, technical and organizational security measures were implemented. Data are stored for the period of time that is strictly required for achieving the purpose for which they were collected and, in any case, according to the relevant legislation currently in force.


Nature of the provision and consequences of its refusal

Any navigation data collected within the scope of this processing are strictly functional to the IT management of the website. The provision of voluntarily personal data is optional, but the failed collection implies that the submission of the information or the queries to the website is impossible.

Entities in charge of the processing and system administrators - Disclosure and dissemination of the data

The processing related to the web services of this website is carried out at the headquarters of the Data Controller and also of the third party companies which, appointed Data Processors, provide web services to A2A S.p.A. The collected personal data are processed by the appointed staff which may need to know them while performing their tasks.

Your personal data may be disclosed to third parties appointed with the task of performing activities directly connected or instrumental to the processing itself, as listed in the specific notices included in the menu of this web site, and to the competent Authorities pursuant to statutory obligations.

Subject to consent by the concerned person, the voluntarily provided data may be disclosed to the companies of A2A Group or to third party companies for marketing and information purposes; any granted consent may be revoked, in any moment.


Data Controller and Data Processor

Controller of the processing of the personal data is A2A S.p.A., with registered offices in 25124 Brescia, via Lamarmora 230 and operations offices in Milan, corso di Porta Vittoria 4.
Data processors are the head of External Communication and Media Relations Department of A2A S.p.A. and the third party companies which provide web services to A2A Group.
The full and updated list of all the Data Processors is available at the Privacy Office of A2A S.p.A.


Rights of the Concerned Person

In order to exercise the rights under art. 7 of the Code (right to receive the confirmation of the existence or not of  his personal data, to obtain the update, amendment or the integration thereof or the deletion of the data unlawfully processed data), please contact the Data Controller at the above address or send a message to the email address