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Operating with a competitive edge in the long term while championing social, environmental and economic values.

We have believed in the importance of sustainability for over one hundred years; it is our way of generating and distributing value in a lasting and independent way, attuned to reconciling the needs of those with whom we interact every day: customers, suppliers, associations, policymakers.

The experience of a grand past, the challenge of a continually changing future. Together. 


The Sustainability, the ESG themes  and the UN 2030 Agenda, in particular, are the foundation of our new Strategic Plan 2021-2030. A Plan that looks at 2030 as a key year and puts on paper the contribution that A2A is committed to giving to 11 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Approximately 90% of the investments will, be in line with the SDGs and around 70% with the European Taxonomy: 18 billion euros dedicated to the development of the circular economy (7 billion) and the energy transition (11 billion), areas which, more than others, are crucial for preserving everyone's future.


The meaning of sustainability for a Life Company

We are a Life Company: we care about the quality of life of people and the future of the Planet. 
This is why our business model aims to create sustainable and shared value over time for us and for our stakeholders. We have taken as reference, for defining our strategy, 11 SDGs of the 2030 Agenda. A long-term strategy dedicated to the development of the Circular Economy and Energy Transition: the two pillars on which the Group's entire development plan is based. Without forgetting the enabling factors for a fair and just environmental transition (Digital, Governance and People Innovation).

We want to be among those who will lead the change in order to protect the future of the new generations since the fundamental elements of our identity - energy, water, environment - remain at the center of the path to promote that ecological transition that, as also discussed at the last COP in Glasgow, the world urgently requires.

Integrated report

The Integrated Report is a very important annual occasion, which allows us to get in touch with our stakeholders, analyze and report on our commitment and attention to issues related to economic, environmental and social sustainability.

The Report is prepared according to the GRI Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and, for some indicators, follows the GRI G4 Electric Utilities Sector Supplement. The document also makes reference to the Integrated Reporting Framework (IR Framework), outlined by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). Adhering to the principles of Integrated Reporting also allows us to illustrate the process by which we create value over time, through the analysis of the capitals that influence and are influenced by the Group's activities.

Since 2020, the Group has applied within its Integrated Report the guidelines of the TCFD (Task Force on Climated-Related Financial Disclosures), which guide companies to communicate to investors and stakeholders in a clear and comparable way the information needed to assess climate-related risks and opportunities.  Thanks to its commitment, A2A won second place in the "Best Climate-Related Reporting" category for climate change reporting in the ESG Investing Awards. 

Sustainable Finance

In May 2021, A2A adopted a new Sustainable Finance Framework which, for the first time in Italy, combines two different approaches - Green/Use of Proceeds and KPI-Linked.
The new Framework includes a set of KPIs reflecting the two pillars of A2A's strategic plan: Energy Transition and Circular Economy. The Sustainable Finance Framework was updated in February 2022 (with a Second Party Opinion issued by Vigeo Eris), aligning with the Green Bond Principles (2021) and the Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles (2020), the Green Loan Principles (2021) and the Sustainability-Linked Loan Principles (2021).

A2A believes that the issuance of sustainable financial instruments can contribute positively to promoting the transition to a low-carbon economy, and during 2021, A2A inaugurated new financial transactions that highlighted the holistic nature of the Group as an issuer in the capital market, such as: the first Share Buyback program with a donation to the Banco dell’Energia , new revolving Credit Facility KPI-Linked, Sustainability-Linked Bond and Green Bond.

Our stakeholder

A relationship based on listening, continuous dialogue and the active involvement of stakeholders is not only a form of responsibility of the Group towards the context in which it operates, but also a source of valuable information, ideas and ideas to understand the needs of the territories and respond effectively, promoting local development and anticipating any critical issues.

News from the world of sustainability

A2A for its local communities

We have, since 2015, published the Local Sustainability Reports, to tell our story, and to allow everyone in the community to see and understand the Group's efforts, and its successes, in the communities where it conducts its business. Moreover, beginning in 2017, these documents include a description of the efforts made toward reaching the UN’s sustainable-development goals, tailored to the needs of each community.




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