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Operating with a competitive edge in the long term while championing social, environmental and economic values: this is what sustainability means to us.

We have believed in the importance of sustainability for over one hundred years; it is our way of generating and distributing value in a lasting and independent way, attuned to reconciling the needs of those with whom we interact every day: customers, suppliers, associations, policymakers.

The experience of a grand past, the challenge of a continually changing future. Together. 



The publication of the sustainability report for the A2A group represents an expected annual appointment, which allows us to get in touch with our stakeholders, analyze and recount the commitment and attention we dedicate to issues related to economic, environmental and social sustainability. This document, which since last year has also
been the consolidated non-financial statement of the Group pursuant to Legislative Decree 254/16 (NFD), has taken on various forms and names, but continues to be drawn up according to rigorous and internationally shared standards and methodologies, in particular the Integrated Reporting Framework and the International Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative.

We want the document to remain a privileged opportunity for dialogue, challenging ourselves and looking to the future, starting from today's clear vision.

Furthermore, since 2015, we have also begun, the first do so in Italy, to publish Territorial Sustainability Reports referring to specific territories where we operate.

2018 Integrated Report



As part of the integrating sustainability into corporate strategy process, at A2A we have drawn up our Sustainability Policy with long-term objectives (2030), developed through a medium-term Sustainability Plan that will be updated over the duration, at the same time as the Industrial Plan. Two tools that we have developed starting from the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals 2030. The Sustainable Development Goals adequately respond to the most stringent requirements of a future based on principles of fairness, inclusion and growth, within the resource limits of the planet.

By the Group’s Sustainability Policy, we express our commitment to help communities on a path towards a sustainable future, becoming protagonists of a new circular, low-carbon economy, based on smart networks and services. 

We also want to actively contribute to the well-being of communities and to improve working conditions, increase transparency and to improve the dialogue with stakeholders.


Forum Ascolto

For our Group, the ability to listen and respond appropriately and effectively to community expectations is of fundamental importance.

This is why we have undertaken a process of deepening contact with the geographical communities in which we operate, implementing a new model of engagement based on multi-stakeholder forums.


We call them forumAscolto: they are appointments for dialogue and discussion that encourage expression of the specific characteristics of each individual community, build a conversation on issues that are important for A2A and its stakeholders, contribute to the development of ideas and projects in line with Group objectives, and create shared value.

Participants in the Forum Ascolto are opinion leaders and representatives of the local communities where we operate, representing a range of different interests. The forums produce concrete proposals that A2A analyses and evaluates, implementing those that create the greatest benefits for the company and the community, contributing to increasing wellbeing and quality of life. Many projects emerging from these forums have already been implemented, starting with the Banco dell'Energia.

Forum Ascolto


Sustainability is a value that is learned. This is why we develop a constant dialogue with communities and territories through the School Project, an open channel where we can plan, share and gain experience. It is here that we listen to questions, it is here that we try and give answers to each area’s needs.

In 2018, we involved 59,000 people, including teachers and students, in guided tours of our facilities, contests, laboratories, seminaries and interventions by experts in the classroom.

It is on these occasions that we develop important issues such as environmental education, circular economy, energy production, water cycle, sustainability and, above all, energy saving.

Visits to facilities and to the Casa dell'Energia e dell'Ambiente (Energy and Environment House) in Milan are free and easily booked via their website; moreover, A2A is committed to supporting young people through scholarships and alternative school-work paths.


Global compact

A2A voluntary adheres to Global Compact, an initiative from UN for the promotion of culture of enterprise citizenship.

Structured as a public-private partnership among United Nations, the private sector, governments and civil society, the GC encourages the creation of a sustainable economic, social and environmental context. The Group  follows and supports the universal principles for the four areas of interest (human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption) integrating them in its strategy and in its business through the definition of real tools, such as  Sustainability  Policy and Plan.

The Group guarantees the periodic disclosure of relevant information about the above mentioned thems, both within and outside the Company, throught a document that represents the Communication on Progress (CoP, level «advanced»



One of the ways in which sustainability applies to finance is the practice of Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI), according to which environmental, social and/or governance considerations integrate the financial assessments carried out at the time the choice is made to buy or sell a security. SRI is implemented with the inclusion of listed companies on ethical indices. In recent years, the number of initiatives promoting the upholding of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria in different ways, in the assessment of financial investments, has increased.
The Group is currently listed in the following ethical indices:

  • FTSE4Good Index
  • ECPI Indices
  • Ethibel Sustainability Index Excellence Europe
  • EURO STOXX Sustainability Index
  • Euronext Vigeo Index: Eurozone 120
  • Standard Ethics Italian Index

Since July 2018, A2A has also been included in the FTSE4Good Index Series, the series of ethical indices of FTSE Russel designed to measure the sustainability performance (ESG)
of companies in the main world markets.
In 2018, A2A also decided to request a solicited rating from Standard Ethics, in order to obtain an external and independent assessment, based on a structured and validated assessment procedure, which represents the level of adherence of the company to the principles of sustainability and corporate social responsibility as set out by the European Union, the OECD and the UN.
A2A is also included in the Ethibel Excellence Investment Register and in the Ethibel Pioneer Investment Register.
In 2018, A2A obtained a B- rating on the CDP Climate Change and the CDP Water questionnaire.
In addition, A2A participates in the assessments of Vigeo-Eiris, RobecoSAM, Sustainalytics, MSCI and the "Top 100 Green Utilities" (of the Energy Intelligence Group).


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