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Sustainable Development Goal

Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development


Circular Economy


People Innovation



Consolidate and, where possible, improve the environmental education and promote the awareness of risks associated with climate change in the public opinion

KPI 2020 2022 2026 2030
Stakeholders involved in environmental education initiatives (excluding school visits to plants) 24,000 26,000 30,000 35,000


Sustainability Governance

Ensure the integration of ESG issues into management models, corporate strategy and purpose. 

KPI 2020 2022 2026  2030
Diversity&Inclusion Policy By 2021 By 2021 By 2021 By 2021


Reduction policies waste production

Reduce waste production through a prevention, reduction and reuse policy

KPI 2020 2022 2026 2030
No. of partnerships launched for circular economy initiatives 7 18 31 38
Territories where waste prevention and reduction actions are active (% of total population served) 89% >85% >85% >85%


Transparency and stakeholder engagement

Develop integrated reporting and an adequate information system for planning and control Develop external stakeholder engagement activities, strengthening the relationship with the territory

KPI 2020 2022 2026 2030
Territories involved in multi stakeholder engagement initiatives/year 1 5 8 10


Performance 2020


separate collection index of the Group  
(+ 2 p.p. compared to 2019)


tonnes of secondary raw material obtained from the Group's plants


tonnes of highly sorted plastic waste ready for grinding and extrusion obtained from the Group's plants


of urban waste collected recovered as a material (69.5%) or energy (30.3%)

Final destination of municipal waste collected


  • Created the "environmental meter" in Milan that quantifies the positive environmental impact of differentiated waste collection and recycling and recovery activities
  • Assessment of the circularity of the integrated water service as a part of the "RIECCO" project promoted in collaboration with the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa 
  • Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Suez, aimed at creating a player of excellence for the management of waste from the Italian production and industrial system
  • Signed an agreement with Amazon to convey information about the search engine "Dovelobutto" through the voice assistant Alexa

Performance 2020


people involved in environmental and sustainability education activities


subscribers to portal
(+143% compared to 2019)


italian schools involved in educational evidence "Missione Terra – Global Goal Protocol"


participants - including teachers and ATA staff - at the meeting organized for the #Ambienteascuola campaign


  • Completed the series of 10 webinar "Agenda 2030: a map to navigate the present" to raise teachers' awareness of each school level
  • Created new video contributions (A2A Talks), in which some employees shared their know-how for the benefit of students and teachers about the energy transition, the circular economy, the latest generation of district heating and sustainable mobility accessible
  • Realized, in collaboration with the municiplity of Milan, the awareness-raising campaign #Ambientescuola, aimed at Milanese schools on the issues of separate waste collection and more generally on the development of environmental awareness, to contribute to the achievement of some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations
  • Created the collaboration between A2A and Deliveroo, in Milan and Brescia, with the aim of increasing and improving separate waste collection, starting with information and environmental education for citizens and commercial users


Other environmental education activities

Initiative Description Area of reference Participations
SCUOLA ZOO video strategy In order to raise awareness among secondgrade secondary school students, A2A has developed, with the group of Scuolazoo (the web portal that is well known and appreciated by this target) a series of videos made with a tone of voice close to Generation Z (from 14 to 18), on issues and problems related to the preservation of our planet through campaigns on Instagram, YouTube and video briefs published on Edu TV Web Instagram
4 posts/3 stories 281,543 views

Ciak l’ambiente Film review on environmental sustainability aimed at primary and secondary school classes of first and second grade Web 125 participating classes
Project "Scuole in Mostra” (Schools in Exhibition) A training programme dedicated to the primary schools of Acerra, which provided environmental education in the presence of all participating classes Acerra 16 meetings
500 pupils involved
Environmental education meetings In Bergamo and Como, the meetings focused on separate waste collection and, in particular, on single-use plastic waste, while in the other provinces they mainly dealt with energy and the environment Bergamo, Como, Brescia, Mantova, Crema, Cremona, Lodi 7,356 participants
e_mob 2020 Streaming educational intervention aimed at secondary schools, entitled A2A actions for the sustainability of cities and mobility, as part of e_mob 2020 (Festival of Electric Mobility)  Web 50 participants
Installation of environmental sensors in schools The pilot project saw the installation of environmental sensors in some classrooms of primary and first-grade secondary schools in Brescia, with the aim of improving indoor air quality and energy efficiency in classrooms, as well as providing an advanced digital teaching tool for environmental education Brescia 10 classes
4 schools
Distribution of water bottles To complete the initiative launched dedicated to first-grade secondary schools in 2019, over 10,000 plastic-free water bottles were distributed to primary schools in the Municipality of Brescia Brescia 49 schools

Performance 2020


women of entire population


women manager of total managers

> 90%

female to male salary ratio in all categories


people with disabilities or invalidities
(311 men and 88 women)  


  • Inclusion, in 2021, on the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index 
  • Incresead the female component in the new BoD, today  to 41% of the members (percentage well above the Italian and sector average, thus aligning itself with the regulations of the New Corporate Governance Code)
  • Launched in AMSA the "#Rispettiamo" which is part of the GEA project and is aimed at promoting and building a culture of respect based on common values in all company relationships
  • Designed the “Nuove Energie” project, an organizational model of disability management to facilitate the involvement of people with disabilities in company projects


Recruitment trends by gender

Average salary of men/woman by category

Category 2018
Men/ women
Men/ women
Men/ women
Managers 102.7% 13.4% 97.7%
Middle Managers 95.7% 95.4% 94.4%
White-collar workers 90.4% 91.3% 90.5%
Blue-collar workers 95.8% 96.4% 95.2%

Performance 2020


stakeholder engagement initiatives organized


stakeholders attended the first meeting of the forumAscolto in Brescia


stakeholders attended the second meeting of the forumAscolto in Brescia


Territorial Reports published (Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, Valtellina-Valchiavenna, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Piemonte)


Engagement in A2A: the map of stakeholders involved and % of involvement


  • Collaborations between the Group and the world of research, such as POLIHUB and Cesisp Bicocca
  • Completed the activities of the two winners projects of the call "creiAMO Piemonte” (Mercato Circolare and Accademia dello Spettacolo), aimed at raising the awareness of young people on the subject of sustainability, which A2A supported with an economic contribution and a light incubation programme
  • Realized the forumAscolto in Brescia, designed to be conducted in two distinct moments of discussion: first meeting, held on December 2020, with the aim of identifying the needs and priorities for intervention for the sustainable development of the Brescia area; second meeting, held on February 2021, dedicated to identifying the actions and projects to be carried out, in relation to the needs that emerged at the first meeting and the strategic objectives set out in the A2A Business Plan
  • Presented during the Forum in Cernobbio the project "The key role of multiutilities for the sustainable relaunch of Italian territories", carried out by The European House – Ambrosetti in collaboration with A2A




Our concept of sustainability

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